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Chance the rapper quotes || Daily Quotes

Prom Night

They send my ass to summer school don’t call it a comeback

I just came to beat a bully ass and get my lunch back

You know you know you don’t want that. Chance the rapper quotes

I rap my songs ion Spanglish I wrap my weed in blunt wraps

Wrapped up in this one line I hope that shit get unwrapped
As if niggas was getting signed off of a line off one rap
remember when they called us some freshmen niggas rapping?

chance the rapper quotes

  • Chance the rapper quotes

chance the rapper quotes

  • My druggy, when i’m ugly, hug me, when i’m bummy, scummy, habby, let’s, get lost, let’s get lost, Romantic Quotes

chance the rapper quotes

  • I been close to the edge, i been tripping and stuff somebody slip me a mickey, but i ain’t giving a fuck
  • really, a milli, how about six million more, Or i’m audi like how’d he cut that umbilical cord.

chance the rapper quotes

  • Love us Russian roulette i had the safety on

chance the rapper quotes

  • What’s better than followers is actually falling in love Sexy Quotes

chance the rapper quotes

  • Everybody
  • Somebody
  • Everything

chance the rapper quotes

  • I don’t know why i sleep with my eyes with hoping that find you

chance the rapper quotes

  • Lies! All lies! You’re all lying against my boys!

chance the rapper quotes

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

chance the rapper quotes


Good ass intro

chance the rapper quotes

Enchanted word please say Kadabra

Replay the replays Green Bay, the Packers

Cremate your colleagues and freebase the ashes

Competitions to gas leaks, dusted dusk till dawn

It’s just us and trust or lowest bitch, my stuff the fucking mine

chance the rapper quotes


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