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Happy Birthday

How do you say Happy Birthday in Spanish || Birthday in Spanish

Happy birthday wishes in spanish

Happy Birthday” in Spanish is “”Feliz Cumpleanos,”” but there are several Spanish expressions to use when offering birthday wishes to someone..



               Feliz cumpleanos” This is Most basic way to say ““Happy Birthday”” in Spanish

               Felizis a Spanish adjective meaning “happy.

               Cumpleanos is a Spanish noun meaning “birthday.”


                                 Felicidades en tu día” This is another congratulatory sentiment.

                                 Felicidades still means “congratulations” in this birthday greeting.

                                Enmeans ‘On’ tu is the familiar form of the word “Your” and día means “”Day.””



A Complete way to say Happy Birthday in Spanish

¡Feliz,, Feliz En Tu Día.                                 Happy, happy birthday to you.

Amiguito, Que Dios tTe bendiga.                Friend, may God bless you.

Que reine la paz en tu día.                        May peace reign on your day.

Y que cumplas muchos más!                     And may you have many more birthday


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