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Happy Birthday

Top 10 Relationship Quotes of the year

relationship quotes

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Relationship Quotes

relationship quotes

a relationship quotes

You mean the world to me

You mean the world to me nothing will ever come between us no matter

what anybody SAYS OR DOES you will always be in my heart, forever and

ever your spot will never be replaced you hold the key to my heart and

you have since we met i will love you forever and no matter how much we fight things

will be ok like i said i will love you forever no matter what

When i say i love you, please believe it’s true, when i say forever know i will never

leave you when i say goodbye, promise me you won’t cry

cause the day i will be saying that!

relationship quotes

a relationship should be 50/50 quotes

How do i explicit my love for you it is as patent as saying that the color

of thing is blue it is also as complex as count the number of stars in the

galaxy it is as complex as defining the way you have changed me but the

very core of expressed my love for you is as simple as saying it is pure and true!

a relationship where quotes

I still love you

when i look back at how we began the laughter and love that we shared i smile

at all the ways we loved and we dared to dream of a wonderful future together

and how we promised this was forever and i try to recall the moment when

things started to change just what it could have been to cause our happiness to

slip away and though i may never find the answer i do know one thing for sure,

i still love you now as much as i did then and i don’t know how but we can get

through this i am not ready to give up on us you are still my one true love!

relationship quotes

Bad relationship quotes

Your smile makes me crazy for you, i can see myself in your eyes and through

your touch so soft, your voice has a mesmerizing effect on me, wherever i go,

it’s you that i see my love i am sure i love you a lot, i could not express much but,

this is my internal thought i love you my sweetie!

relationship quotes

Beautiful relationship quotes

How do i express my love for you it is as obvious as saying that the color of

water is blue it is also as complex as counting the number of start in the galaxy

it is as complicated as defining the way you have changed me but the very core

of expressing my love for you is as simple as saying it is pure and true!

relationship quotes

Best end of relationship quotes

The Queen of my heart!

i will be the warrior to fight for our love, we will fly together, fly higher that the dove,

i will your wall and shield you from danger, i will take all the pains for to me they are no stranger,

you will be the queen in the kingdom of my heart, and then i will be king

so we will never be apart you will be majesty, i will serve you forever, and for all of times, i will leave you never.

Best family relationship quotes

I will wait a lifetime for you

you fell behind your sensitivity and keep the fact locked away but there is so

much said in the things you don’t say you guiltless tell me our time has come

and gone and that we can’t go back but i don’t accept it and this time, you are

wrong the spacing you put between us is nothing more than time lost, a place

for your feelings to hide yet i can hear the love in your voice each

time we talk my patience has no end when it

comes to loving you and i will wait a lifetime for you to see the truth real love

doesn’t go away it doesn’t fade into the past, it goes on evermore and ever finds

its way back i will wait a lifetime for you because you are my spirit and behind

all of your doubt i know you can’t let of you are my soul and i am your

too if two people were ever meant to be it’s me and you!

relationship quotes

Best funny relationship quotes

I believe in us

There are times when we need to talk, yet the words never come, there are times

when we need to understand, yet we don’t always know how, at our lowest times

things seem to get complicated and confusing leaving us to wonder, what the

other is thinking or feeling often we let pride get in the way and we lose the

power and sense to communicate i believe in us and all that we share i believe

in us and all that we share i believe we can get through this if only we open

up and learn to give equally, i love you with all my heart!



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