8 Myths about Science Students


Abstract: Science students are good learners and like to spend their time in doing what they love. This, however, doesn’t suggest that they have dull and antisocial personalities.

8 myths science students: Scientific education holds great promise from a professional perspective. Scientific jobs are well paid and if you are able to create something unique then you can become ultra-famous too. But, to excel at being a science student, you need to focus on your studies more than anything. You should love what you do and adopt it as a part of your life. However, you aren’t required do it at the expense of other things in life.

Science students aren’t always considered too popular at their school campuses. This is because their personalities are surrounded by several myths. This article gives a brief overview of some of those stigmas. Remember that these myths are mere myths and not facts. Science students are always comparable to these fictions in real.

They are nerds and geeks

The first myth which surrounds science students is that they are geeks. People think of them as the ones who are too much into their studies. This makes a majority of the people view them in a bizarre way.

They are studying most of the time

The second myth regarding science students is; they are busy studying all the time. It is true science subjects need more time and attention on student’s end but this shouldn’t suggest that they are studying all the time.

They are boring

The biggest lie in people’s heads regarding science students is that they are boring. This isn’t true at all. Science students aren’t boring. In fact, they are pretty cool people to hang out with. Given the opportunity, they could be a very good company.

They are asocial

Another stigma which surrounds science students is that they are asocial. People think that they aren’t cool enough for public gatherings. The truth, however, is that people can like science and go to parties as well.

They are hard workers

Well, this myth regarding science students could gather a lot of argument. It is true that students of science work more than students from other fields of study but this doesn’t comply that all of them are hard workers.

They maintain a lab at their place

Students learning sciences like to carry out experiments but this doesn’t mean that they have a lab in their parent’s garage just like Dexter did. They perform their work at the labs provided by their institutes.

They are bookworms

Just as people think those science-loving students are too much into studies, people also think that they are bookworms. People consider that students learning science like to read a lot. This, however, is just a myth.

They aren’t superstitious

People think that science students believe only in logic. They seek reason behind everything happening around them. They don’t believe in superstitions. This isn’t true. Some students learning science are superstitious too.

Never forget that our favorite movie superheroes are science lovers too. Either it is Bruce Banner, Bruce Wayne or Tone Stark, they all love science. Nothing’s wrong with being a science student. Instead, it’s cool to be one.


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