10 Breakup Messages and Quotes


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Breakup Messages and Quotes

Breakup messages and quotes

Time and moments spend with you will never come back again i can smile and i can only pretend

but deep down i know that i am suffering because of the heartbreak because your love for me had fake !

break up messages and quotes

I know that you are tired of my so that why you want to breakup but i will ore relent until my love you

finally see i know you want to be apart know you are sick of the fights but i won’t rest until i make everything right!

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Breakup messages and quotes

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Most of us was told that stones and sticks can break your bones but names will never harm you,

that is simple not true broken bones usually heal broken heart are most harder to repair the

damage done by words can be far more lasting and devastating than physical injuries!

break up texts and quotes

You broke the promise always that we shared people used to swear on friendship we was what made you

ditch me like that you left me in the state of sad trust is no more important word for me because i will

not trust any friend again it is a final goodbye from my end!

Breakup messages and quotes

Many time it’s groovy to push someone away, not because you stopped loving that someone

but because you have to protective covering yourself from pain!

breakup messages and quotes about life

It hurts me so much to have to say goodbye but things have not been okay between us for

a much long time now, i wish you well in your new ahead life and hope you will find a man worthy of your love!

Breakup messages and quotes

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All my hearts all i wish is to touch you hold you, kiss you, smell you, caress you, feel you,

taste you but all i can is sit here chained to your memory and dreams!

Breakup messages and quotes English

Don’t be appalled at good bye a leave is necessity before you can meet again and again,

and gathering again after moments is certain for those who are friends!

Breakup messages and quotes

Breakup is like damaged mirror , it is finer to leave it broke than hurts yourself to repair it.

Breakup messages and quotes

More as it sad and hurts you when i say we need to end things between us, it much hurts me more,

but for our own sake and sanity it is good this way, i wish you love and may you one day meet a

special woman who will only be right for you!

breakup messages and quotes examples

One day you are going to remember me and how much i loved you my love

then you are gonna hate yourself for letting me go!

breakup messages for him

I hope you got it how i am feel i am not feeling better to but alternative of fighting it all day and

night i wanted a way and through the good way is to breakup and end this plight where love will

take you with all your might Goodbye from me to you fro things that you gave all

through a much thanks for being through!

Emotional breakup messages for new love

When i was fall in love with you, you promised to protect me, care me , and love but all i see now

with you is deep hurt , pain and betrayal, before it turns to hate i choose to walk away my love!

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I will try to live my love , my life with you, many times seeking back to see if you are following to

see if you had change of heart and realized that you love me again, by that time i hope

i did be able to say i don’t love you anymore with more conviction and truth in it!

breakup messages and quotes love

The chapters of love kept unfolding i knew it was not the thing i wanted to read so i want to

end this now without having to bear that weed it will hurt you i know and it will definitely

show on my face too but breaking up is the easy thing to do leaving memos new and

old good bye from me to you!

breakup messages for her

My love if you ignore me i don’t wait around i won’t talk to you simple as that sure, it’s going to be hard

it’s going to hurt but it won’t hurt as much being ignore, because i deserve better than that, i will move

on and find someone who actually cares about me,since exactly cares you don’t if you continually treat me like crap!

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