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Daily Messages

daily messages

A blind person asked st, Anthony can there be anything worse than losing

eye sight he replied yes losing your vision!

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Today, God messages for you is have you ever stopped to think about that little voice in your mind?

the one that says i am no good or i can’t do this how about with God strength i know i can face up to

this challenge the key to self to talk is to turn it from something negative into something positive you

are made in God image capable to handle anything he has for let that guide your self talk today!

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As the moon sits high above the clouds i gave up into it beauty

and find myself thinking of you for i am missing you!

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daily messages

Courage doesn’t always roar sometime courage is the quiet voice at

the end of the day saying i will try again tomorrow!

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If you want to be happy do not dwell in the past don’t worry

about the future focus on living fully in the present!

daily messages

Faith it does not make things easy it makes them possible!

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Be soft do not let the world make you hard do not let the pain make you hate do not let the bitterns

steal you sweetened, take pride that even thought the rest of the world mar disagree you still

believe it to be a beautiful place!

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Positive thinking is not about expecting the good to happen every time but accepting

that whatever happens is the best for this moment!

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Daily art

This is your one more step Swaloven messages for the day, sometimes a question sometimes an

answer sometime an art which is a little scrap of wisdom sometimes you only need a small art yep!


The face that God over rule even wrong mistakes is tribute to his glory it is not a loophole for our rebellion!

daily spiritual messages

For all who are willing i am available to you in ways beyond your logical understanding


daily messages

Two places are the valuable in the world the beautiful place is to be in someone

thoughts the safest pale is to be in someone prayers!

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It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty be grateful that

you have a glass and there is something in it!

angel daily messages

God does not create a lock without it key and God doesn’t give you

problems without its solutions! trust him


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Try to make at-least 2 persons happy in a day but make sure one of them is yourself!


Life is like a sea we are moving without end nothing stays with us what remain is just the

memories of some people who touched us as waves!

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