Dragon ball Xenoverse wishes


dragon ball xenoverse wishes

Dragon ball Xenoverse wishes

I want money , Get 500000 zeni select-able any number of times

i want rare items, get the power pole select-able any number of times

. Get equipment journey to the west costume , journey to the west costume ,

journey to the west costume(Costume hands)

 journey to the west costume(consume feet) journey to the west hood set (Accessory) select able any number of times.

i want to be stronger, obtain soul resonance apparatus x5, and soul spreading synthetic device x3 select-able any number of times,

i want to grow, get the necessary experience tor each the next level select able any number of times.

i want to redeemer a new ultimate skill, get an ultimate skill list time blitz hell ball second time,

minus energy power ball

i want to remember a of special skill. Get a special skill 1st time flash bomber , drain field, and lightning

ruin air consumption set , 2nd time, astrolabe dragon light bullets God speed light bullets , whirlwind spin,

and the sleepy boy technique set,

i want to more characters, get a character that can selected for battle 1st time , gotta 2nd time,

super 17, 3rd time, omega shenron.

i want to give my life a retry. reset the parameter points that was used, selected any number of times,

i want to become handsomely beautifully, change the character creation settings other

than the name select-able any number of times!

dragon ball xenoverse wishes

Dragon ball Xenoverse wishes

Dumpling is the early form of Mr Popo before he fully becomes the demon God and travels back in time,

both have the same eyes, and notice how Dumplin is also half shaded pitch black, the lips and

full darkness comes later similar fashion taste , Mr Pop’s look is effectively Dumplin with an

UN-tied vest and different colors, head truban hides the Mahin giveaway to prevent spoilers

both are unstoppable powerhouses popo also doesn’t stop anything because his past self would

then not be able to fight in those instances,

Popo knows krillin will diem obviously because he’s been there already , he only is playing along

to pretend he doesn’t know, he knew the wish he had to make while high the time,

Bonus, why is Mr popo reacting to Kami’s death if he came from the future shouldn’t he have known

this ahead of time? it’s because it never was seen that piccolo and kami fused, he just saw the fight,

let alone meeting Kami at all during his time patrol days it’s the only loss he didn’t see coming .

nor would he be able to stop it to keep his past self able to exist, it was the first loss he

ever has half to go through normally!

Dragon ball Xenoverse wishes

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