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Funny jokes

Funny jokes

A man walks into the bar for a drink but is aghast when the barman tells him this

A man walked into cafe went to the bar and sequential a beer

Certainly sir that will be on cent

one cent? the man thought he glimpse at the menu asked, how much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?

a nickel, the barman replied

A nickel? exclaimed at man

Where the guy who owns this place

The bartender replied upstairs with my wife

The asked, what is he doing upstairs with your wife?

the bartender replied the same thing i am doing to his business down here!

a to z funny jokes

Top 30 Farewell Messages

Boy: What is your age?

Girl: we girls, don’t reveal our age to boys.!

Boy: what is your email address?

Girl: [email protected] 🙂

Funny jokes

Two blondes was driving to Disneyland the sign said so they started crying and headed home!

adults funny jokes in English

A woman went to visit her daughter

she knocked on the door and when there was no answer she opened it and went in

She found her daughter naked surrounded by rose petals with soft music playing

the mother asked her daughter what she was doing to which she replied that she was

waiting for her husband to come!

April fool funny jokes

You skipped no 5

You only checked to see if there is a no 5

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Funny jokes

A small old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself slowly

painfully up onto a stool. after catching his breath he ordered a banana split

the waitress asked kindly “Crushed nits?

No, he replied “Arthritic!

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bangla funny jokes pic

A cop pulls over a guy your eyes are awfully red, have you been drinking? officer,

the man says your eyes are awfully glazed have you been eating doughnuts?


Funny jokes

100 I Love You Messages and wishes

Three drunk guys entered a taxi. the taxi driver knew that they was intoxicated so he started the

engine and turned it of once again then said we have reached your goal the first guy gave him money

and the second guy said thank , the third guy slapped at driver

the driver was shocked thinking the third knew what he did, but then he ask what was that for?

the 3rd guy replied control your fastness next time you nearly killed us!

best funny jokes 2017

You have been such exemplary statues, he announce to them that i am going to give you a special gift,

i am going to bring you both to life for thirty minutes, in which you can do anything you want and

with a clap of his hands, the angel brought the statues to life,

The two approached each other a bit shyly, but soon dashed for the bushes from which shortly

emerged a good deal of giggling, and shaking of branches fifteen minute later the two statues emerged

from the bushes wide grin on their faces,

“You still have fifteen more minutes said the angel winking at them”

Grinning even more widely the female status turned to the male statue and said great just this

time you hold the pigeon down and i will crap on it’s head!

Funny jokes

10 Funny messages and quotes

Your wife or you dog

Question asked from a husband

if your wife is shouting at the front door and your dog is barking at the back door who do you let in first?

Husband replied: The dog, of course at least he will shut up after you let him in

Cool funny jokes for whatsapp

Sexy wife in the night dress

The wife bought a new see trough nighty wore it without any underclothes and came

swinging before the husband aroused husband says

You look so sexy and beautiful my darling!

Funny jokes

Top 10 I Hate You Messages

Doctor the embarrassed man said i have a sexual problem, i can’t get it up for my wife anymore,

Mr.Thomas bring her back with you tomorrow and let me see what i can do The next day!

Funny jokes about women

A Man And Cashier Joke

A man shopping in a supermarket took his purchase of two cans of dogs food to the checkout counter

The cashier asked. Sir do you have a dog?

Yes” Man replied him

Well” Where is it?

I left him home ” He answered

Sorry” the cashier said, you can’t but the dog food if i can’t see the dog that the rules.

The next day he returned to the store and brought some cat food to the checkout dp you have a cat? asked the cashier

Yes, He said. but i left him home

Sorry, she said, if i can’t see the cat i can’t sell you the food that’s to rules.

The next day the man walked into the store with a brown paper bag.

he walked up to the cashier and said put your hand in here

The cashier put her hand in and said it’s soft and warm what is it?

The man replied i did like three rolls of toilet paper please!

funny jokes baby

Why life complicate

Love someone? – Tell it!

Wanna meet up? – invite!

Missing someone? – Call!

Wanna be understood? – explain

Don’t like something? – Say it!

Want something? – Ask for it!

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