10 Funny messages and quotes

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Funny messages and quotes

Funny messages and quotes

I ne’er make the same mistake doubly i make it like six or five times you know only to be sure!

friendship day funny messages

Being positive and cheerful is not a sign of weakness creating drama is a sign of weakness

positive people control their emotion instead of letting their emotions control them!

funny break up text messages

A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his Friends!

Funny messages and quotes

  • No notes = no study
  • Lost your pen = no pen
  • No pen= no notes
  • no study = fail
  • fail = no diploma
  • No diploma = no work
  • no work = no money
  • no money = no food
  • no food = skinny
  • Skinny = ugly
  • ugly = no love
  • No love = no marriage
  • No marriage = no children
  • no children =depression
  • depression = sickness
  • sickness = death
  • Lesson : Don’t lose your pen you will die!

Funny messages and quotes for her

When you try your hardest not to be a fucker but everyone you deal with is fucker so

you end up being a greater fucker only to out fuck the fuckers!

Top 10 I Hate You Messages

Funny messages and quotes

April fool funny messages

When you wake up at 6 in the morning you close your eyes for 6 minutes and it’s already 6.45

when you are at work and it’s 2.30 you close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s 2:30!

10 baby card funny messages

Reality of fear

You are not scared of the dark you are scared of what in it

Your not afraid of heights you are a fraud of today

you are not afraid of the people around you

you are only afraid rejection

you are not afraid to love you are only afraid of not being loved back

you are not afraid to let go

you are only afraid to accept the reality that just gone

you are not afraid to try again you are only afraid to getting heart for the some reaction!

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An honest enemy is forever better than a friend who lies!


You have enemies ? good that means you have stood up for something in your life!


People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point

the glass is refillable!

10 best Prayers for a friend

Funny messages and quotes

Never argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience!

anniversary funny messages

I am not sorrowful my high school career is over this game is all about making the jump to

the next level accepting a college scholarship and proving yourself that you are

one of the bang-up players in the country!

Ten faces about you

  • You are Reading this right now
  • you are realizing that is a stupid fact
  • you didn’t notice i skipped three
  • you are smiling
  • you are checking now
  • you didn’t realize i skipped eight
  • you are enjoying this
  • you didn’t realize there just supposed to be 10 facts!

Top 30 Farewell Messages

Funny messages and quotes

Top 50 Miss you quotes and messages

Fuck Face

A person with a face that instantly pisses you off the moment you see it , and you have

to fight an incredible urge to smash him or her in the mouth!

abusive funny messages

Many people work difficult and spend their health trying to reach wealth then

they retire and spend their wealth trying to get their health !

admin funny messages


Mom: What was that?

Me: My shirt fell

Mom: it sounded a lot

Heaven than that

Me: i was in it!

funny messages dating websites

Me Behave seriously?

when i was child i saw Tarzan naked always, Cinderlla arrived home after mid night, Pinocchio told lies

Aladdin was thief baton drove over 200 miles an hour snow white lived in a house with 7 men Popeye

smoked a pipe and had tattoos pace man ran around to digital music while eating pills that enhanced

his performance and shaggy and Scoby was mystery solving hippies that forever had the mulched

the failed in not mine, if you had this childhood and loved it re-post i thought this would bring a

smile to your face lol it did mine!

funny messages double meaning

If i am silent

it’s because there is thunder inside me or i am only chilling it depends may the odds be over in your favor!

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