Top 25 Good night messages


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Good night messages

Good night messages

Someday we will find what we are looking for or maybe we won’t maybe

we will find something much greater than that!

angry good night messages

It’s a joy to have you here tonight for i knowing i shall have a good night my

dreaming will be filled with you i hope they will come true!

good morning and good night messages

If you had a lovely morning a cool afternoon amazing evening then

have a amazing night wish you a lovely night , Good night!

good night cute messages friends

There is much peace in the air there is so much explore feel the radiance of the moon just

open your window and feel the lovely night wish you a good night!

good night darling messages

Night is here as you lied on your bed tonight intelligent about the day bury everything because

the day has gone wait for other day so sunshine as you sleep tonight here is wishing you a pleasant good night !

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Good night messages

A good idea will keep you awake during the morning but a great idea

will keep you awake during the night!

animated good night messages

As i lay on my bed i miss you even more you know my love that i love you to the core i love you even more!

Good night my love!

Ascii good night messages

We come with nothing and go with nothing but one bigger thing we achieve is a

little remembrance in someone ind and small place in someone heart

Good night!

Good night messages for love

Sweet Dreams

As you drift off to sleep may you feel the love of you angels may your burdens be lifted may you

dance across the heavens and may you awaken feeling refreshed inspired

and connected with the beauty of your soul!

good night dating messages

Clock has already smitten ten, the whole world is dormant and preparing to welcome a

sunshine new sun you too sleep tight with a heart open for the new sun and all the

felicity that it will accompany, good night !

Good night messages

Ten Greeting messages and wishes

Close your eyes and make a wish sending you my warm hug and kiss may you sleep

tight tonight i wish you a sweet good night my love!

amazing good night messages

Candle burn without heat can the moon shine without light? same is the feeling

my dear can’t sleep without you tonight because i am so missing you i love you Good night!

attractive good night messages

As the moon sits high above the could i gaze up into it beauty and find

myself thinking for you for i am missing you!

beautiful good night messages for friends

It’s lovely night the stars so cute the moon is too shining this hour i only want to

wish you night that may you have a great night .

Good night!

Good night messages

Sometimes someone says something truly small and it fits only right into this null spot in your heart!

Good night sweet dreams!

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Good night Messages for sister

Mistakes addition your experience and addition decreases your mistakes, if you learn from

your mistakes then others will learn from your success my sister!

Good night have a sweet dreams!

best emotional good night messages

Light goes dark and the world goes silent let your eyes and body take some

balance make sure to make it cloying and sound!

Good night!

Good night messages

Great and nice friends are hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget good night!

affectionate good night messages

Leaning on you holding your arms looking in your eyes succumbing to your charms whispering

in your ears giving you a kiss hugging you tight enjoying love’s abyss. Good night!


One day i wish my dreams would come true and i did wake up next to you till the good night!


Daffodils shoe the beginning of winter night are much magical so real a feeling of bliss,

when it snow showers gives a heavenly look have a nice dream while you asleep!

good night emoji message

The night is far much lengthy for you to be away i am urgently waiting for it to turn into

day my heart will rot away if things keep active on like this all i want to do is give you a kiss!!

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