Good night wishes and quotes

Good night wishes and quotes : Being in a relationship with anyone is a serious decision everyday. you have the chance to every night to show your girlfriend/boyfriend how much you love her/him. You make dinner for her or do something as simple as send her good night wishes and messages, These good night wishes and quotes can help to brighten his night while he is still at opportunity. surprises frequently hold more meaning than a daily quotes. so now you can send her/him good night wishes and quotes!

Good night wishes and quotes

Good night wishes and quotes

Good night wishes and quotes

When time to sleep i say a prayer

Thanks God for taking care of me and my family, asking him to give

you comfortable sleep, i love you, Good night!

Good night quotes for best friend

A loyal friend

You are a ray of sunshine in a world that sometimes Grey. they magic of your

company will brighten up the day. You have guided me through bad times wiped

away my tears and brought me so much joy as we have traveled through the years.

it warms my heart to know you chose me as your friend a hard-core loving someone

on whom i can depend.  if i could have one wishing i did make it just for you i did

ask God for his support in everything you do!

Good night quotes for girlfriend

i am looking at the stars this night and remembering the sight. these starts

are nothing as the sparkle of your eyes miss you tonight

Good night my dear!

 Sweet dreams wishes and message

Follow the rhythm of your heart heart take you to the destination where your goodness the wells!

Good night quotes

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Good night wishes and quotes

How to wish good night in Shakespearean

Do you know something that our friendship is not bound by time whether it is night, day

ad afternoon or morning. to have not me in your mind, is a crime so as you prepare to fall

asleep make sure that you include me in all the good and cute thoughts and sweet dreams that you see.

Good night!

Good night wishes for her

I love you for giving your heart to me and trusting me with your pride i love for

wanting me and needing me by your side. i love you for the emotions i never knew

i had i love you for make me smile ever. i love you for your thoughts of me where i

am always on your mind i love you for finding that part of me that i never thought i did find.

i love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel but most of all

i love you because i know you are mind for real!

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Romantic good night quotes and messages

Heart to Heart

Sometimes in the lifetimes, we meet a good soul, who fills our very special to almost overflow,

we drink the cup of friendship it tasted like ruby wine and you knowing within your heart,

this group meeting was divine.This psyche that lives within your bosom no distance can

predominate an inner spark within the heart becomes a Holy grail. the starting you both

shall be a reflection of each other for all eternity!

Good night wishes for someone special

Evenings are truly special, as the end of a working day and start of the peaceful night,

when the sunsets in hue and there is a pretty sight you feel so at peace when all the

stress does cease it is the perfect evening time. Good evening to you!

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Good night wishes and quotes

Good night wishes and messages

No matte what other you have or do not have,

you have the cure experience of life,

no matter what may have happen before, or

what might come next you have this moment!

Sweet good night wishes


No matter if the sky is blue and sky

No matter if there are stars or moon

as long as your heart is true cute and

sweet dreams will always be with you!

Latest good night quotes and wishes

The night is about to come as the day is about to end take some time out and don’t

pretend enjoy this cute evening because it’s a lovely day!

Good evening!

Good night wishes and quotes

Funny good night wishes

No one always fell in love on a Sunday night. it’s the slow Sunday, the Monday mornings,

the Friday afternoons that truly capture the heart, that let you know it real that this time it could really last!

New Good evening quotes

My wishes are silent but veracious everywhere they will stalk you luck is

your wishes are quarry i wish you present and future shine!

Good night quotes and wishes of this day

It feels so pacific look at the sunset as you get dish for the day some being so particular

for you and some maybe a dismay feel the love in the air, as it’s a special time of the day

its the evening time of the day.

Good evening to you!

Good night wishes and quotes

Good night Romantic messages for her

Night is the time to say bye to past, it’s time to wish for sleep. all night that lasts, it is the time

to forget all your troubles and worries it is the time to allow your dreams to bubble, so lay your

head on pillow night and don’t your forget to hug your blanket really taught i wish you a very good night!

Wishes for good night sleep

I love you to the moon and back to the moon and back remember?

there and back does not i even start to explain how much i love you

but i love you more than just to the moon and back i love you to the moon and back

to infinity and beyond forever and ever. i love you to the moon and back and around the

stars our of our galaxy though the comets and the rings of far away planets riding on a rocket

ship back down to earth to wherever you are!

Good night wishes for wife

I want to know a secret.

Everyone seems to some that they can lean upon do you want know a secret you are the

friend i am leaning on, You have show me in many ways you kindness and your love you

have taught me many thing i knew nothing of you thought me compassion by helping

those in need taught me how to forgive you are the greatest friend indeed!

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