Graduation wishes and quotes

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Graduation wishes and quotes


Graduation quotes and wishes 1

Graduation wishes ans quotes

As you Cherish the fruits of your hard work i wish that success keeps following

you in everything that you do, today and always congratulation.

Happy Graduation!

High school Graduation wishes

Chasing a dream requires efforts passion hard work

you are now in the held way keep up your good work and continue to strive


Senior Graduation wishes

Graduation is just a concept in real life all day you graduate

Graduation is a procedure that goes on until the last day of your life if

you can hold that you will make a difference!

Sample Graduation wishes

A hearty congratulation on your graduation and wish you a very great lock for

the new beginning in life, may you reach all your goals!

Religious Graduation wishes 

You are superb able and ambitious you shall ever walk the story roads happy

graduation i bless you with all that you need to earn many more achievement

and feats in life ahead, congratulations and well sons!

Unique Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday mother in law

Graduation quotes and wishes 1

The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and

shine among those who never believed she could!

Parents Graduation wishes 

A new chapter of life,

We look at you and wonder where have years all gone?

What happened to our yesterday?

it hasn’t been that long.

Since you were learning how to ride a bike and how to catch a ball..

When did you get so confidence how did you grow so tall?

We look at you and wonder at how the years go by who showed you how to find your wings?

who taught you how to fly?

You stand before us on this day prepared to step into a special chapter of your

life written just for you. we look at you and wonder!

Happy Birthday Flowers & Quotes

Happy birthday wishes to wife

Graduation quotes and wishes 1

I only can’t i can’t live in average group locate, a classroom where you have to sort

of horseman for position compete for attention, i would just withdraw!

Jesse Eisenberg

MBA Graduation Wishes


A celebration..

A Time for looking back on lessons learned adventures share bright moments

filled with special meaning a farewell..

A time for saying goodbye to old friends to good times you have known, a time for

packing away memories treasures for tomorrow a beginning..

A time for looking forward a time to set new goals to dream new dreams

to try your wins and see what lies beyond!

Happy Graduation wishes for sister

We are friends for life,

When we are together the years fall away isn’t that what matters?

to have someone who can remember with you?

To have someone who remembers how far you have come?

Hudy Blume!

Graduation wishes woman

It was never easy but you dared not give up if you did you will never be a step closer

to your dreams i am glad you were able to make it through.

I am so proud of you congratulation!

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Graduation quotes and wishes 1

A Wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy, a wise woman refuses to be anyone victim.

Maya Angelou!


Young woman my daughter my joy and my heart

You have reached the end only to find a new start.

The world sees the immature woman with her appeal and her smiling but

behind the woman i will ever see the child!

Love, Mom

Graduation wishes success

Congratulation to my small child who has eventually grown up,

you are a graduate now and mellow enough to take responsibility!

Graduation wishes and new quotes

It was never easy but you dared not give up if you did you will never be a step

closer to your dreams i am glad you were able to make it through.

I am so proud of you congratulation!

Graduation quotes and wishes 1

Congrats, you finally did it, but who ever said that hard work ends here,

it actually has just started so good luck!

Graduation wishes from mom


Graduation is here, you have really come far.

Rejoice and be happy accept who you are

Address every day with purpose and him

Decide what you want make living and him

understand and discover.

always be true.

The world is your canvas inviting and new

opportunity awaits you, just walk through the door new moments each day are your to explore!

Graduation wishes from Mom And Dad

I won’t always weep, mom when you time off the room, and my grocery store

tantrums will end too soon, i won’t always wake father,

For nestle in the night and one day you will miss having a cocoa face to wipe you

won’t ever wake to find my foot is kick you out of bed, or find me crabwise on your

pillow where you want to lay your hear you won’t ever have to carry me in asleep from

the car. or piggy back me down the road when my little legs can’t walk that for so

cherish every nestle remember them all because one day mother.

i won’t be this small.

Step Turner!


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