Top 10 Happy birthday cousin Messages


Happy birthday cousin Wishes for everyone . forget all your life’s problems and behave like two immature, madly craving for each others’ hugs. Trade flirty texts and cute quotes.Anniversary Gifts for her Post funny banter and sweet nothings on each others’ Facebook. Marriages made in heaven but husbands and wives live on earth. Unluckily, the reality of life make them out to be. Duty of family, work, children and paying the bills often take away the sweet from routine life. Wedding day of remembrance are a casual to kindle your wedding romanticize slave Romantic Quotes For Her  happy anniversary .

Happy birthday cousin

happy birthday cousin

Beautiful happy birthday cousin

Happy 50th birthday

A cousin meet like you i only want to let you knowing you mean the world to

me only a bosom as dear as yours would give so selfishly the many things you

have all the times that you were there help me know deep down inside how much

you truly care, even though i might not say i appreciate all you do richly

blessed is how i feel having a cousin just like you!

Black happy birthday cousin

Double Trouble

Double trouble, They say with glee,

oh what a nightmare, there you than me.

with a deep breath i smile and listen oh so politely to how so and so cousin wife

had twins and how they do so pity me!

happy birthday cousin

Advance happy birthday cousin

Happy birthday, you are always sunshine giving me warm and tender feelings

that make me smile for my heart, it’s good to meet cool genuine people like yourself,

enjoy your day beautiful, you deserve it!

Belated happy birthday cousin

My cute cousin, it’s your great day today and i have lots to say may you be blessed

with a smile every day and all the while it’s my special pray

get everything what you may happy birthday!

happy birthday cousin

Happy birthday in heaven to cousin .

Today is full with retention with happiness and tears of birthday occasion we have

shared throughout the years. and though i will ever miss you the endless joy you

brought warms my heart with gratitude and fills my every thought. where ever you

are remainder i hope that you can see how precious and uplifting your

memory is to me. i feel that you are with me in everything i do so i will celebrate

you birthday but i will spend it mussing you!

Beautiful happy birthday cousin

My twins may not be angels my life may sometimes be hard but really it’s me

who should pity you, for being so hard of heart for how can you look at those

rosy cheeks those eyes with cheeky gleam and see therein a nightmare, and not

a wondrous dream. for if on child miracle a blessing a gift a joy then surely

two double blessed yes, even if they are both boys. i really am so lucky precious

firsts i see them twice. and triplet parents are luckier they get to see them thrice!

yes, my hands are well and truly full but with cuddly balls of fun who will always

have a friend with whom to laugh and skip and run my heart is overflowing even

when my patience wears thin, and i thank my lucky stars each day that i have my precious twins!

cool happy birthday cousin

I am so very lucky i am so happy too. to have great cousin someone

as wonderful as you happy birthday dear cousin!

Funny happy birthday 

Birthday wishes dear cousin.

Because you’re so very special you are wished a day that brings everything you are hoping for and all your good day!

happy birthday cousin

African american happy birthday cousin

My cute cousin, so blessed i am that i have you in my life, had so much fun with you

no reason to strive may our bond stay this way till the end of time, happy birthday!

card happy birthday cousin

As it’s your day and i recently came your way serving you wishes and success in a tray.

you seem a decent guy at 1st glance just 1st let it be, the way you talk is

confident and also relevant, although rare around yet not obsessed it with count

understand to height lesser then self weights although kid hides there deep

down and excited when one more comes around sweet and caring you meet

be i guess for me it’s your birthday. and you deserve this 🙂 may God bless you

i know i barely know you but am surely you are about way more than this.

so wishes just to say may you get whatever you wish for years ahead!

Happy birthday to you!

christian happy birthday cousin

Throughout our childhood days no worries in this great big world all we did was play.

i knew you would have my back, that i could count on you even now dance we have grown up.

i know that still is true, i can’t even remember the first time i saw your face but i do know

within my life no one can take you place, we are there for each other and we will be to the

end by blood we our cousins!


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