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Happy Birthday Father

Happy birthday father

Happy birthday my father wishes !

Father you mean the world to me there’s noting one other on earth like a dad. one that cares

so perfectly gives so quietly., and your loves so deeply father, as the years pass i realize more ‘

and more just how lucky i am and have always been to have a father amazing as you, thank

you dad for giving me the kind of love that made all the difference throughout my life!

Happy birthday wishes to father

It is such a complete and perfect day with all the winds and sunshine around. with all the

start in the sky moving closer to us. all this to wish you a happy birthday, i am glad that i

met you in my life, i have learned much from you, i sincerity admire the way you fail to age

even one bit every happy and amazing birthday!

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I just want to say thank you father, for always making me laughing. as there is not anything more

i appreciate like being happy, is never a dull moment being around you. you vibes are my biggest

motivator and you are the best guide a daughter can ever wish for!

Happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday father wishes

I am grateful that i have you as my father, thank for ever believing in me thanks for all the

support that you have given to me, thank you for being a kind and caring Dad

Love you my lovely dad

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday father

Dad, if you are find yourself if wondering if i still need you the way i did when i was

growing up, or whether i ever think about the little things and the special times we used to share!

Happy birthday father saying

If roses grow in heaven

God please pick a lunch for me, then in my dad arms and tell him they are from me tell him

miss him and i love him and when he turns to smile, place a kiss upon from awhile because

 remembering him is easy i do it every day but there is an ache within my heart that will never go away!

Happy birthday father poems

                    I am now in heaven

I am now in Paradise

                                              the gates have open wife

and now i have the privilege

of walking by his side

The angle choir is singing

and the music is so cute

i will join them just as soon

as i have worshiped at his feet

i am now in heaven

The blood washed throng is here

i recognize a lot of them

There is not a single tear

There’s joy beyond description

and reunions by the score

There will be no more separation

for we will be here evermore

please wipe away you eyes tears

i have fight the battle run the race

and i am rid of all my fears

there is no pain or sorrow here

the heartaches now are past

i have read and sung of heaven

and now i am in heaven

and of, this place is grand

no one could have always told me

of all the beauty in this land since i cannot describe it.

you will have to come and see

that it was worth the many trials to live here for all eternity!

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Happy birthday father

Happy birthday father quotes

They say that from the instant he lays eye son her, a father adores his daughter,

her love make him feel like his birthday everyday. in conversation he makes a

underground promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years,

the mistakes she makes or the secret she keeps!

Happy birthday father Ecards

You held my hand when i walked caught me before i fell, you thought me to stay strong

and believe myself, you did so much for me i couldn’t have asked for more i cannot thank

you enough for all the love and care have given to me!

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Happy birthday father

God made little girls with a place in their hearts only he can fill thank you for being a daddy

whose unconditional love made it easy to believe how much God loves me, you are the much great of men!

You never said Goodbye

You never said i am leaving

You was gone before we knew it

and just God know why

A million times i cried

A millions times i need you,

if love alone could have saved you

You never would have died

In life i loved you dearly

in death i love you still

in my heart i hold a place

That just you can fill!

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They say that we don’t choose our family but if i was a choose i did still

choose only, you are the good and best daddy.

Happy birthday my Dad!


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