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Happy birthday my love

happy birthday my love

Blog happy birthday my love

Karen, dreams really do come true.
in the past ..
i did not open myself fully to anyone, but now i find myself wanting to share everything about me, with you
in the past..
i make my own decision about everything but now i find myself discussing

all my thoughts and ideas with you. the plans i have for the future are no longer mine.. but ours
in the past.
love was but a word now every thoughts and every emotion i have,

is exploding with an overwhelming feeling of love. love for you.
i used to think.
that the kind of relationship we have existed only in dreams,

but now i know that dreams can and really do come true.

happy birthday my love

Best words to say happy birthday to my love

Happy birthday to someone i love so much.
one who has that special touch.
always a smile upon your face,
everything you do is with style and grace,
please know today how special you are,
whenever you go, whether near or far.

cake happy birthday my love

Everyday with you is special,
but today is extra special because it’s you day, my sweetheart.
with all my love and kisses,
just for you!

happy birthday my love

Best happy birthday wishes for my love

My special day happy birthday to my love,
my love for you is so true, my love for you feels so new,
you spark up my life in many ways, when you are around,
there is not much i can say, your presence makes me feel so nice,
with you i can suffice, happy birthday to my love!

cute happy birthday quotes for my love

I love you enough to fight for you, compromise for you,compromise for you,

and sacrifice myself for you if need be, enough to miss you incredibly when we

‘re apart, no matter what length of time it’s for and regardless of the distance,

enough to believe in our relationship to stand by it through the worse of times,

to have faith in our strength as a couple, ant to never give up on us.
enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need or want me, and never,

ever want to leave you or live without you!

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happy birthday my love

Best happy birthday quotes for my love
A birthday wish for my life!
he’s a son, he’s a brother, he’s a lover and friend to many.
he’s caring, loving, and as sweet as can be,
he’ll never leave your side.
he’ll never be out of sight.
he’s someone you can count on when life leaves you forlorn.
he’s man that cars deeply and loves whole heartily.
so today on his special day. my wish is simply, that God hears his prayer and answer his heart’s desire.

Happy birthday to my love!
A sea around my heart. part shelter, part enduring word, part mirror of my art,

you are the calm that drains my rage, bless upon my shores immensity immutable,

rush that life restores to you i wish to be a welcome harbor for your ocean,

destiny and origin, aim of your affection, yearning of your motion
i really do love you!!


happy birthday my love

belated happy birthday my love

I wish i attach my heart to you and show you that you are most special for me.

i wish you a very happy birthday my love!

Best happy birthday my love sms

I hope you birthday is the best ever, a memorable time that you’ll always look back on fondly.
May the day bring you as much beauty as a garden full of pink roses in bloom,

and inspire hope for tomorrow, i am very happy because you exist in my life!

again happy birthday to my brother i love him like no other

Watch the sparkles in her eyes, watch the joy in her smile. watch as she dance in the light.
in the light watch and encourage her to fly. watch her mouth, as she speaks watch her

rebel in your arms.watch her go wild and be young. most of all watch her be her as she lives life.!

Advance happy birthday my love

You make my life bright and happy there is not a moment with you that is dull and lifeless,
for you my dearest, fill my life with so much of happiness happy birthday to you, my love,
who is brighter than the sun, i promise to love you forever,
way more than anymore.



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