Top 50 Happy Birthday Poems


Happy Birthday Poems  & Wishes. forget all your life’s problems on this day and behave like two immature, madly craving for each others’ hugs. Trade flirty texts and cute quotes.Happy Birthday gifts for girlfriend Post funny banter and sweet nothings on each others’ Facebook. The reality of life make them out to be. Duty of family, work, children and paying the bills often take away the sweet from routine life. Teacher Quotes  happy birthday .

Happy Birthday Poems

Happy birthday poem for husband

Happy Birthday poems for husband 

Happy birthday my sweet husband

who is the reason being my cute smile

Your are most rare than a diamond and you make my life very worthwhile.

Meeting you was very good thing that has ever happened to me,

You were my prince and now the king of me,

and always will be.

I will love you throughout my life and in the hereafter too!

Happy Birthday Husband Messages 

Hubby, do you realize how much you mean to me?

you give of yourself so much and so unselfishly,

you care and share and are always there whenever i am in need i just want you to

remember what a amazing husband you are to me!

i am very thankful for the way you are as i realize it is the only way you could be.

i just want you to remember i respect you so greatly and i thank you for being

the greatest man in the world in every way.

i will always love you!

Happy Birthday Quotes

Heaven is about tasting the berry if your lies heaven is about sleeping grinding our hips.

Heaven is about loving you all day and night heaven is about cuddling with you tight.

Heaven is about being married to you, all my life and i am wishing you a very happy birthday my husband!


Happy birthday poem for sister

Happy Birthday Sister poem 

Love is patient, love is kind,

you are lovely in my mind you have been with my whole life even through the many

fights you are my passion a true dear sister,

i know our friendship has no end a lovely garden of every color the brightest hues the

world can offer this is what describes you best,

i have had many friends but you have been the closet you have treated me so deary despite

the fearful nonsense and though the world don’t treat you tight i know you will always win the fight!

Happy Birthday Sister poems Quotes

Happy birthday my sister! i hope you have the happiest birthday filled with the happiest

thoughts and i hope that all of your wishes come true, just as much is something

i want to hear all day long, your voice and beauty is something i want to hear and see all

day long you are beautiful in every way!

Happy Birthday Sister Messages

As kids we lived together we young we cried we didn’t always show the love,

that we both had inside we shared our dreams and plans, and some secret too,

all the memories we share is what bonds me now to you, we grew to fins we have a

love that is very strong today, it’s a love shared by our family you are my sister not

by choice but by nature of our birthday i could not have chosen a better one.

You are the best on earth my sis!

Happy birthday poem for lover

Happy Birthday Poems For Girlfriend


As i wake by your side my feelings for you I can not hide i touch your face in the

morning light being with you just feels so right,

You make me feel like i am a queen like being inside as awesome dream, although this

is real that i know as the love that surrounds us continues to grow.

i believe of what the coming holds married couple, children, us growing old, and as

i lay with you dear, i am just so glad you are mine you are here!

~Jo Pye~

Happy Birthday Messages for girlfriend 

As i saw the twinkle in your eyes even the brightest starts paled forever. as you flashed

your radiant siles even the rays of sunshine dimmed forever as  i heard your melodic voice,

even the songs stopped wounding the same as i touched your velvet rind, even the finest silk

was put to feeling and darling when compared to our ageless love every other

love story on earth would fade!

Happy Birthday My Sweet darling!

Happy birthday Quotes for girlfriend 

When i think of you my heart beat goes wild and i go weak in the knees every

time i look at you it is like the first time i saw you so i give you my heart again to hold in your hand!

Happy Birthday my Love!

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Happy birthday poem for love

Happy Birthday Poem for my love

They may up me from my pride take my strength away they could try

to make me hide in the shadows yet again.

They can break me into pieces beat me till near death

they can burn me down to ashes so there will be nothing left

They can bring me agony pain and sorrow until i cry they can make me

secure for mercy until i lose my voice and dignity

They can surprise me and hurt me throwing my soul and body

so i won’t longer care,

but no one no matter what they will do can ever take away my love for you!

Happy Birthday Quotes for love

You showed me what love is by loving me so dearly thanks for the support

care and affection you have showered me all these years that we have been

together, i will always be grateful for that.

i love you and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages 

You are my girlfriend

you are my future wife

i am your lover

the one who stole your heart we are couple,

the cute one there is so let’s seal your birthday with the most romantic kiss!

Happy birthday my lovely GF!

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Happy birthday poem for girlfriend

Happy Birthday Poems For Wife

Would it be fine?

would it be fine if took some of your time?

would it be fine if i wrote you a rhyme?

would it be fine if i opened my heart?

would it be fine ig i tool on the part of being

your man and showed you a view one that only a real man

could be?

one that only a real man could do?

would it be fine if i could make you smile?

would it be fine if i held you awhile?

would it be fine i kissed you face?

would it be fine if i were to replace all the men

in your past that just wouldn’t do and vow to be faithful and always be true?

would it be alright to look in you eyes?

would it be alright to find a way?

would it be alright to long for the day to pull you close and

whisper in your ear and tell you our feelings are nothing to fear?

would it be ok if i tool some of your time?

would it be fine if i wrote you a rhyme?

to tell you there is nothing i did rather do than spend my complete life loving only you!

Happy birthday Messages for wife 

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Romantic Status For GF

We are not romeo and Juliet but it seems that it been years that we have met when

your eyes looked into mine i know i will be mighty fine,

when our lips met and locked it’s as if we have stopped the clock everything was

in slow motion as we share this lovely passion.

you and i are meant to be young and lost so carefree lost in this endless

obsession just you and i in unison!

Happy birthday quotes for wife

I love you for the emotions i never knew i had i love you for making me smile whenever i feel sad,

i love you for giving your cute heart to me and trusting me with your pride i love you ‘

for wanting me and needing me by your side,

i love you for your thoughts of me where i am always on your mind i love you for finding

that part of me that i never thought i did find

I love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel but most of all i love

you because i know you are mine for real!

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Happy birthday poem for boufriend

Happy birthday poems for boyfriend 

I think of you every time of the day, a sensuous us planned for you birthday darling,

you are the best that happened to me without you, my life i dare not see, you are not

the only guy in the world, but you are the only one that matters to me!

Happy birthday to my Boyfriend!

Happy Birthday messages for boyfriend

I forget the birthday if my life my love my boyfriend i have been crying ever since as if

my life has come to and end come to my boy come give me a hug i want to cuddle

you in your arms i want to be snug i am truly very sorry i will never do this again

i have suffered enough now please soothe my pain belated happy birthday!

Happy birthday quotes for bf

Dreams really do come try

in the past,

i did not open myself fully to anyone but now i find myself wanting to share everything about me with

in the past,

i make my own decisions about everything but now i find myself discussing

all my thoughts and ideas with you the plans i have for the future are no longer mine but ours

in the past

love was but a word now every thought and every emotion l have is

exploding with an overwhelming feelings of live love for you,

i used to think that the kind of relationship we have existed only in dreams

but now i know that dreams can and really do come true.

i love you!

Happy birthday poem for brother

Happy birthday poems for Brother 

May the new year bring these wishes to all of you warmth of love, comfort of home joy

for your children company and support of family and friends a caring heart that accepts

and treats all human beings equally enrichment if knowledge and richness of diversity

courage to seek and speak the truth even if it means standing alone hopes and dreams

of a just world and the desire to make it happen a light to guide your path helping

hands to stein then unity serenity and peace within your mind heart and soul.

food for thought and should a hand to hold!

Happy birthday Brother!

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