Happy birthday quotes with girl name

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Happy birthday quotes with girl name

Autumn happy birthday

Happy birthday Autumn

i just want to let you know you mean the world to me only a heart as dear

as yours would give so unselfishly the many things you have done all the

times that you were there help me know deep down inside how much you

really care even though i might not say i appreciate all you do richly

blessed is how i feel having a grandmother just like you!


Happy birthday Bella

Happy birthday Bella staert

The most beautiful girl i have ever seen the girl with sweet eyes, living down my lane,

always has a solution for my problems and pain you are

the prettiest girl i have ever seen, you my angel, my little hearts queen,

happy birthday to the one i love!

happy birthday Gianna

Happy birthday Gianna

Happy birthday to our little Gianna

dance pretty Gianna to the sound of a classical ballet let the music inspire you and sweep you away,

stand on point in your ballet shoes then twirl little ballerina in your fancy Gianna

feel the pride upon mommy and daddy face as your pointed toes reveal your grace.

Tune on one leg little dancer and pirouette pretty little dancer the best one yet!

Happy birthday Katherine

Happy birthday Katherine

Birthday react to Daugherty i ever thank GOD for his grace and the best of all

i don’t have keep you guess for it is you my passion, my life and my heart,

you entered my life like a acute dart, there is only joy and pride you left in me,

and on your birthday and every day only the best you will see!

Happy birthday Serenity

Happy birthday Sydney

I am so proud of all that you do i see all the things, which are special of you shine so brightly,

you are a precious star, I m just wanted to tell you, how special you are don’t forget these words.

in all of your days you are a treasure, to me, in so many ways!!

Jocelyn happy birthday

Happy birthday Jocelyn

Although a wish for candles that illuminate your day of birthday, a sweet cake

with writing and may-raid gifts can’t compare in worth, to your presence that

we must go on without, with innumerable questions of what our lives are now

about the answer lies in moments of laughter and joy, that we shared from

the first time we shared a toy from the first time i wrote and the first time

you sang, when we ran around the house pretending to be a cartoon gang,

the memories live on in my mind and heart, in the dreams in which you visit me,

alone in the dark you shared your light with alone in the dark you shared your

light with the entire world, one candle one flame that burns forever.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Kimberly happy birthday

Happy birthday Kimberly

A niece is a fantastic boon a wealth from above she is laughter, heat and special

charm she’s consideration and love a niece convey a special joy that comes from

deep inside and as she grows to adulthood she fills your heart with pride, no words

can describe the tepid memories the pride and feeling too that comes from

having a niece to love and care for, just like you!!

Lauren happy birthday

Happy birthday Lauren

The little girl is for who you will always be to me, the butterfly is for your soul

that makes you so beautiful and free the dolphin is for when you make me

laugh with the funny things you say, the teardrop is for all those you have

shed and i have wiped away, the sun is for your beautiful smile that could

light the darkest night the silver star is for the pride i feel when i know you

have done what is right, the friends is for the many that will come and go,

the boy is for the one whom your feelings will start to grow

the rose is to ensure that far or near we are always together!

Mackenzie happy birthday

Happy birthday Mackenzie

we little knew that morning that God was going to call your name in life we loved

you dearly in dearth we do the same, it broke our hearts to pose you,

you did not go lone, for part of us went with you the day God called you away,

you left us peaceful representation your love is still our guide and though

we cannot see you, you are always at our side, our family chain is damaged

and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again!

Maya happy birthday

Happy birthday Maya

To my sweet daughter if i could only give you one thing in this life,

i would give you the ability to see yourself how i see you every single day,

your beauty your kindness, how happy you make me and how proud i am of you,

perhaps then you would be able to understand just how special you are to me!

Happy birthday Serenity

Happy mother’s day faraway as love has means, it fills crosswise the sea ephemeral seraphic alight

with glee placed in retreat on cloud along it way years cannot such Innocent betray morning holy

light perfectible on fire within the heart a pillar we then travel through the desert night and day

here then is my love and as it hands conversation it for a Georgia of your own, returning through

the heavens what i once are you were born, delivered to your door, so are we eternal, though the

littoral demand of us that piece that is on loan as love serves renews the ancient dance get

dance though the wide world be no more!

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