Happy Birthday Quotes


Happy Birthday Quotes & wishes . forget all your life’s problems and behave like two immature, madly craving for each others’ hugs. Trade flirty texts and cute quotes.Birthday messages for teacher  Post funny banter and sweet nothings on each others’ Facebook. Birthday made in world. Unluckily, the reality of life make them out to be. Duty of family, work, children and paying the bills often take away the sweet from routine life. Girlfriend Quotes  happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday quotes

Daddy Happy Birthday Quotes

May you treasure your birthday as the bright beginning of a amazing year and

may you always know how special you are. wishing you a amazing birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday

You are a wonderful person u hope that your special day is the beginning of another amazing year,

Have a nice birthday!

Kids birthday Quotes

Your life is like a candle you can either light up a thousand more candles or burn

yourself and melt away, i a sure you will choose the former!

Happy birthday dear!

A birthday is a beautiful that blooming in life’s plot and may

that special bloom be bright especially today !!

New Happy Birthday Quotes 

The good things are ever those which we cannot have, what we wait for time

of life those are ever the most cute dreaming, colorful and from a fairy tale

world, present on your birthday day i wish you have what you always dreams of!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday quotes poems 

Happy Birthday to the one with the burning and sexiest, mad friend ever,

only joking you are hot too okay, have a great day!

Happy birthday wish you a day full of happiness and a year filled with joy!

Happy birthday Quotes for Boss

This is my wish for you comfort on difficult days, rainbows to follow the clouds smiles

when sadness intrudes faith so that you can believe sunsets to warm your heart laughter

to kiss your lips courage to know yourself, hugs when spirits sag patience to accept the

truth beauty for your eyes to see confidence for when you doubt friendships to

brighten your being and love to complete your life!

Happy Birthday Messages 

Happy birthday quotes

Happy Birthday Quotes About Sister

I still retrieve the fighting we had, i still retrieve the joyousness we shared.

Today on your birthday here is a particular wish that you always stay,

Happy and blessed in life!

Happy birthday dear sis!

Happy Birthday flower and quotes

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Peace and progress happy birthday quotes

Birthday Greetings,

Filled with blessing and love you have a such a loving approach to life with

warm gentle spirit that makes everyone around you feel special that’s a

amazing gift one that makes you a blessing in this world.

Have a nice time.

Quirky Birthday Quotes

On this special day as your celebrate your birthday.

Here’s wishing you a whole lotto happiness and cute surprise.

Happy Birthday!

Meaningful happy birthday quotes

As the dawn breaks into a nice sunrise may these birthday wishes welcome you

as you rise, may happiness abound and joy resounds as you being your day with flowers around!

Happy Birthday Poems 

Funny Happy birthday memes

Happy birthday quotes

Happy Birthday quotes mother

Our lives are full of change, but our friendship has never changed, thank for enduring

with me through the seasons, i am wishing you the best birthday ever!

Love happy birthday quotes

I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness love and happy birthday dear friend!


Let’s celebrate all the amazing things that make you so great not just

on your this day but every day of the year.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister Memes

Happy birthday msgs

Famous anniversary Quotes

Happy birthday quotes

Friend Stand For Quotes

F Is for fun

R is for real

I is for inspiring

E is for empathetic

N is for nice and

D is for dependable.

Thanks for being all this and more,

Have a happy birthday!

Witty Happy Birthday Quotes

Why is a birthday baked goods the only food for thought you can blow

on tongue on and everybody rushes to get a piece?

Famous happy birthday quotes

Another year has passed and it’s your birthday again a very special chance to

wish you enough happiness, gladness and warmth to fill your heart

and last with you throughout another amazing year!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

Happy birthday sister!

There may be endow many particular thing and blossom on your birthday

i hope my wish will be something special that will make the day more special!

Corny Happy Birthday Quotes


Dear Angelina

Happy birthday to the most cute and stars on this earth, may your this birthday bring

you very good luck to last for the complete year, happy birthday to you Angelina!

Latest Happy birthday greetings 

200+ Instagram bio birthday

Happy birthday quotes

18 year old son happy birthday quotes

Your life is a gift from the creator, your gift back to the creator is what you do with your life.

Billy Mills!

Special birthday quotes

Happy Birthday

May each and every moment of your special day be filled with

the same joy and happiness you bring to other!

Short Happy Birthday quotes

Happy birthday to the most amazing awesome and outrageously funny,

great friend you are have an awesome birthday!

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes

Depression Quotes

Waiting for someone else to make you happy is seeking happiness from outside of yourself,

which creates a disastrous formula for depression, happiness must come from within!

Inspirational happy birthday wishes 


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