Happy Mother’s Day 2017


What is Mother day actually?

Happy Mother’s day 2017  is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, and mother is a great personality in our life so every day is mother day but it’s a special day for mother. it is celebrated on various days in many parts of world. now commonly in march and April and it’s complements fathers day the celebration honoring father.

Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mother's day 2017

about happy mother’s day

If i could give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me, if i could five you sapphires for each

truth you have helped me see, if i could give you rubies for the heartache that you have known

if i could give you pearl for the wisdom that you have shown,

Then you will have treasure mother that would mount up to the skies that would almost

match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes,

But i have no precious stone, no precious stone as i am sure you are well alert so i will give

you gifts more precious my devotion love and care!

Happy Mother's day 2017

about mother’s day history

M.. is for the million things she gave me,

O.. means only that she’s shed to growing old

T.. is for the tears she shed to save me,

H..is for her heart of purest gold

E.. is for her eyes with love light shining

R.. means right and right she will always be!

Happy Mother's day 2017

about mother’s day history

Happy Mother’s Day

Sometimes you get discouraged because i am so small and always leave my finder-prints

 on furniture and walls, but every day i am growing i will be grown some day and all those

tiny hand-prints will surely fade away, so here is little handspring just so you can recall

exactly how my finders looked when i was very small!


There is no one like a mother and no mother quit like you, you are so very thoughtful

and earning and i just want to thank you mother for making my life brighter!


Happy Mother's day 2017

Australia mother’s day 2017

Goal for Mama

Dad taught me soccer but you are the one who said i can be better you are my number

one fan cheering me throughout my run my coach said i want reach pro but you

said who cares though i have been Prentice a lot for my next game oh mothers day my goal is for you!

Happy Mother's day 2017

Happy Mother’s day 2017

Fingerprints, everywhere on the windows and walls, even the chair, you wipe them

and scrub them and wash them away, but on this cart they are here to stay,

I love you mom! Happy Mother day!

Best first mother’s day gifts

Happy Mother Day

Youth fades, love droops the leaves of friendship fall a mother’s secret love outlives them all!


Happy Mother's day 2017

Mother and Daughter

it is a particular slave that spans the years, through laugh, worry smiles and tears a

awareness of trust that can’t be broken, a extent of love sometimes unspoken a life

long friendship built on sharing hugs and kisses warmth and caring mother and

daughter their heart as one, a link that can never be undone!

Happy Mother's day 2017

Quote for mother’s day

Happy Birthday Day

My Mummy

You are my supermom in the world, and i am your tiny hero who always break the rules

but never across the wild borders you always protect me with your magic touch and

mighty hands you never let me down even if i am so close to be terminated

from the universe, my dearest my mom

i love you today tomorrow and till the end,

Happy Mom Day!

Happy mother day message

Mama. i may be too little to know much about the world but i

already know my favorite place in it, right next to you!



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