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Inspirational Messages

inspirational messages

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.

keep your behavior positive because your behavior become your habits

keep your word positive because your words becomes your behavior.

keep your habits positive because your habits become your values

keep your values positive because your values because your values your destiny!


al anon inspirational messages

No everyone things the way you think knows the things you know believes the things you believe

nor acts the way you would act remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people!

beautiful inspirational messages

My Dear God

i know that i am no complete perfect  , i know sometimes i forget to pray i know i have questioned

 my faith i know sometimes i loose my temper but i want to say thank for loving me and giving me

another day to start over again!

Top 100 Change Quotes

inspirational messages

When a cute birds is alive it eats ants when the bird is dead ants eat the birds situation and time can

change at anytime don’t devaluation anyone in life, you may be powerful today but remember time

is more all-powerful than you one tree makes a meg math sticks only one match stick needed to

born a million trees!

alcoholics anonymous inspirational messages

I believe everything pass off for a reason people alteration so you can learn how to let go things go

wrong so that you appreciate them when they are right you believe lies so you eventually learn to

trust no one but yourself, and sometimes awesome things fall apart so amended things can fall together!

 inspirational messages and wishes


Today, i have unlimited some disappointment an obstacle or two and maybe a bit of discouragement

however i have a conviction and peace in my heart and soul in realizing that if i am given the chance

to rise tomorrow morning i will give it my all once again.

~Sam Villanueva~

inspirational messages

I always sit back and observe every person in my life whether we talk everyday or not i know

who motivated me and keeps it hundred i know too who talks about me and smiles in my face

i know who i can trust and who i need to keep a distance with whether i say anything or let you be fake i know!

aa daily inspirational messages

Don’t let anyone always break your soul, you have to stand on your own two feet and stand

up for yourself there are those that would give anything to see you fail but you must never

give them the satisfaction hold your head up high smile and stand your own ground!

Inspirational messages and quotes

If God ans your every prayer he is increasing your faith if he delays he is actually

increasing you patience if he doesn’t ans he knows you can handle it!

Top 10 I Hate You Messages

inspirational messages

Seven we believe in God constantly more than failure we do not make a God of failure and we

do not worship at the altar of its looks disgrace we believe in ourselves the way God forever believes in us!

best inspirational messages about life

I am glorious with everything i need i am working hard toward everything i want

and most of all i realize and thank God for what i have!

inspirational messages

Whenever you discover yourself questioning if you can go on only remember how far you have come

remember everything you have faced all the wars you have won all the fears you have overcome, the

raise your head full and forge on ahead knowing that you got this!

best birthday inspirational messages

with every passing day comes a changes a change along however is not awesome enough because a change

can be either bad or good, change is an obligation that comes with life so forever make good change since

just a nice change is called an improvement the rest is just an illusion of improvement i wish you a happy birthday!

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