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Latest Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife . forget all your life’s problems and behave like two immature, madly craving for each others’ hugs. Trade flirty texts and cute quotes.Anniversary Gifts for her Post funny banter and sweet nothings on each others’ Facebook. Marriages made in heaven but husbands and wives live on earth. Unluckily, the reality of life make them out to be. Duty of family, work, children and paying the bills often take away the sweet from routine life. Wedding day of remembrance are a casual to kindle your wedding romanticize slave Romantic Quotes For Her  happy anniversary .

Latest Happy Anniversary

happy anniversary

Happy anniversary

Never Ending Love!

Okay marriage have their if and buts, but the whole year you have

both been secretly in love!

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary

Your special day

Forty year together not many reach this day while other marriage seem to fail

yours was here to stay, together through all your struggles together through all

your strife a three fold cord not broken remaining together as husband and

wife although life has given you problems you have also experience much joy

when you welcomed to your family three girls and one boy so in

addition to these loved ones your friends would like to say

Congratulation and best wishes on this , your special day!

happy anniversary
It has been sixty years since Dad and you eloped and your marriage has been every-time you had hoped your lives were exacting right from the start for you each had the courage to follow your heart!
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is here you were wed but el dorado, Mexico was the place that fate led dad worked on the railroad and you had food enough but dirt floors and Scorpios made life some what rough Dad wasn’t all work he found time to play his propeller club in san jaun exists even today then back to Huntsville the whole family came dad founded reed shipping his fortune and fame now business inverse important in life but it just as important to have a good wife raising five children and preparing the meals was every bit as important as big business deals, you are terrific parents both Grand and Great Etc
Happy Anniversary!
happy anniversary



a year anniversary gifts


Today is not just your anniversary it is actually times ultimate testimony

that you were always meant for each other destined to be, my mother and

father as you commemorate this special day there is something that i want

to say that apart from being the best husband and wife you will always be the stars of my life!

about 25th wedding anniversary

When i initial met you all those years ago, i fell in love so fast-breaking,

i knew exact then, you were have to look for love again,

Every anniversary find us happier, you are my airy my moon my star,

my sun you display me what real love is all about you fill my life with pleasure joy and fun,

as time goes by, our love grows stronger still you are the most amazing i ever knew,

i prize our anniversaries because each year i fall in love again with you!

happy anniversary

an anniversary cake

They say there is a reason

They say there is a reason they say that time will heal.

But neither time nor reason, will change the way i feel for no one knows the heartache,

that lies behind our smiles, no one knows how many times, we have broken down and cried,

we want to tell you something so there won’t be any doubt you are so

wonderful to think of but so hard to be without!

an anniversary message

To you my love from the bottom of my heart,

This is for and every moment that we have ever spent together for each hug

and every kiss that we have exchanged for all the precious memories we have

created together, for every time that we found a way to work through our problems,

for each and every sacrifice and for the love that you have given me,

this is for your sincere understanding and constant support for the

thoughtfulness and tenderness that you have always shown this is for always

being there when i needed you but most of all my love this is to let you know

how very special you are to me, and to be a remider to you that from the bottom of my heart.

i will always love you!

happy anniversary

anniversary activities

Because of you both, the world knows truth and love exist, keep these beliefs alive,

and chrish one other happy anniversary!

You have always made sure that my priorities come first you have been the one

to placate every emotional outburst you have always made all my dreams

and wishes your own you have ensured that i have never been sad or forlorn to you,

i owe my life and much more than that without you, i am nothing baby, that a fact,

Happy Anniversary!

anniversary announcements

Our love!

Our love is our mystery, it leads us to its discovery let us follow it, like a good story,

let us celebrate it, like an anniversary, our love is far from perfect it strives

for what is correct let us nourish it, never leave it ,

never leave it neglected, let us chrish it, keep it protected!

happy anniversary

anniversary background

Whether you leave me for a few minutes or an hour nothing feels the same even

sweet becomes sour whether i am alone for days, weeks or fortnights everything

feels dull nothing seems to be right it doesn’t matter how long you are not

at home with me every second without you feels like an


Best happy anniversary message

I consider myself so lucky

to have parents who share such a good chemistry of love, respect and

care when u think of my life i feel nothing but happiness

thank you both for making life journey so priceless happy anniversary!







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