Top 25 Lonely Quotes And Messages


Lonely Quotes  and messages : Lonely Quotes forever be powerful , drool and cuddly worthy.Strength Quotes and Inspirational quotes about being a girlfriend and boyfriend. write a sad personal message to celebrate this very nice moment in a couple’s lives.

Lonely Quotes

Lonely quotes

It was still only nine clock when i set off on the last leg of my journey feeling

old and dirty and incapable, you probably know the feeling if you are over eighteen!

attitude lonely quotes

The child in the darkness is feared by those in the light as the child slips away into darkness for he shall

never return but he shall learn to walk and stand on his own two feet to face to fear hatred and pain for

he shall overcome all that has been done and be greater that all that has been given!

Lonely quotes

An arrow can only be shot  by pulling it backward, so when life is dragging you back with

difficulties it means that it going to launch you into something great , so only focus and keep aiming!

girl feeling lonely quotes

insomnia is a kind of torture . because while the world is fast asleep you are you all alone , your mind

buzzing with every random though in the universe and sometimes the thoughts will reach a stand

still and your mind goes blank you become more aware of the silence and it is during this moment

that you realism how alone you are!

True Love Quotes And Messages

I feel like drowning so deeply i can see i can feel.

but i can not hear the only thing i can hear is the some of null, feel so down feel so alone !

heart broken lonely quotes

nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him!

kinda lonely quotes

Some mentioned your name asked me if i knew you i looked down simply smiled and answered yeah i used to!

late night lonely quotes

The truth in rented rooms surreal objects fashion source book maiden voyage film as a

subversive art ensemble do it the strange case my those inner eye sound

zero video spaces selling history serve city!

Lonely quotes

Life is not the amount of breaths you take its the moments that take your breath away!

leadership lonely quotes

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

there is a rapture on the lonely shore there is society where none intrude by the deep sea and music

in its roar i love not man the less, but nature more from these our interviews in which i steal from all

i may be or have been before to mingle with the universe and feel what i can never express now cannot all conceal!

life can be lonely quotes

We cling to music to poems to quotes to writing to art because we desperately do not want to be alone .

we want to know we aren’t going to crazy and someone else out there know exactly how you are feeling

we want to someone to explain the thing we can’t!

Lonely quotes

I stay hidden away from the world unseen and in heard of no one is here no one can find me i will

stay as my life takes as i noticed i am left alone i wounder if someone will find me my body is getting

as cold as  stone i wounder what is wrote with me? i lay on the ground looking at the sky these crowds

 are only dark above me i will stay here as i slowly die . its starting to get hard to see now that i am lost,

you don’t have to care now that I m dead you don’t have to find me now that

i am gone you wont know i loved you!

Lonely messages

I hate you because you made me who i am today

I hate you because you don’t ever care

I hate you because you r everything i want to kill

I hate you because you because your not there

I hate you because you you don’t even see what you done to my life

i hate you because you are a part of me!

Latest Depression Quotes

Lonely quotes

I can’t explain how painful it is to wait for something that never comes never!

alone and lonely quotes

The more you care the more you have to lose so you have to decide whats worth caring about!

alone but not lonely quotes

I am all alone he said you are not alone she said taking his head to her chest i am you are not

alone she said you just feel lonely to feel lonely is to be alone that’s what it is!

alone vs lonely quotes

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not quite ,

the not yet and the not at all. do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the

life you deserved and have never been able to reach, the world you desire can be won , it exists

it is real it is possible it’s your !

anime lonely quotes

I really miss you are you aware that closeness we once had the laughter we shared sensual night passion

our love so strong us against the world where did you go yes i can see you sitting in your chair nodding

and smiling pretending to listen where are your thought they are not with me please come back your are

breaking my heart i am lost without you all i have left are my tears for yesterday!

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