Top 10 Minion Quotes


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Top 10 Minion Quotes

minion quotes

30 best minion quotes

I was raised to show respect

i wasn’t dragged up, i was thought to knock before i open a door, say hello when i enter a room,

say please, say thank you and show respect to my elders, i let another person have my seat if

they need it, say yes sir, and no sir, and help others when they need me to, not stand on the

sidelines and watch, i will hold the door open for other behind me and say excuse me,

should i need to pass i love people for who they are, not what i can get from them

and most importer i was raised to by other, it’s called respect!

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minion quotes

actual minion quotes


Find someone that isn’t afraid to admit they miss you, someone that knows you

are not perfect but treats you as if you are, someone who couldn’t imagine losing you,

person who spring their hearts to you completely someone who says i love you and proves it,

last but not least find someone who wouldn’t mind wakeful up to you in the morning,

seeing your wrinkles and gray hair but still falls in love with you all over again!


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afrikaans minion quotes

I am not active to settle for fair love, i want my emotion to be one of kind, i want to effect up

every morning next to the person i love, and tell them how fortunate i am, i want to walk

down the environment holding hands, and have people know how much we love each other,

i want to be with individual who sees my worsened, but boost me to be my good,

i want to be able to laughter with the person i love, but have a speech where

we share our deepest thoughts, i want a emotion that so special, it lasts a lifetime.

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agnes minion quotes

Moving and getting over someone is one of the hardest things have to do in life,

especially if it’s with someone you saw your future with so you have to cove on the right way,

get your closure from them and tell them everything you ever wanted to tell them,

how much you love them , how much you hate them etc, so you will have no regret

or what its, then tell them goodbye forever, if they let you leave without a fight for you,

then they are not worth it anyways, it’s going to hurt like hell allow yourself to be sad,

to be angry but you have to wake up every day and continue your life without them,

it’s ever easier said than finished so just let time heal your coiled, this is a time for you to heal,

to take care of your bosom, one day you will wake up and you won’t miss them anymore!

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all hearthstone minion quotes


A good person is who loves you, cares for you and defend you like family they know

your heavy secrets, they laughter at your silly gag and cry with you too, they regard

your feelings and ever try to make you happy, they see the hidden sadness

in your smile and they are always there for you when you are feeling alone.

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all minion quotes

make new mental representation and bury the bad ones, i want to traveling see new places

various scene and affecting hearts, i want to just new people who will show me what it is to

love and be loved in return, i want to leave it all behind and re write my story.


minion quotes

5 Steps to happiness


  1. Frown less, smile more


  1. Talk less, listen more


  1. judge less, accept more


  1. watch less, do more


  1. complain less, appreciate more.

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angry minion quotes

When someone loves you, they don’t have to say it always but you can always

know it by the way they treat you!

awesome minion quotes

i have decided to add extensive experience in dealing with stupid people to my

resume, that has got to be a marketable skill!


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