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International Puppy Day is the greatest day of the calendar year indeed! Friday, 23 March National Puppy Day 2018 in the United States of America.
This day honors the bond between humans and their canine counterparts. It is an opportunity to look at a number of cutinstae puppies.

International Puppy Day is the day that serves as an awareness day to strike against inhumane practices related to dog breeding and animal treatment. These activities include closing Puppy Farms, a place where dogs are mistreated to induce higher breeding levels often, as well as orphaned puppies adoption is also promoted. The pet overpopulation prevention is also an important aim on this day. People around the world share their puppy’s photos to celebrate this day. It is easy to get behind such a good cause when you see these cute photos of puppies.

Happy National Puppy Day:

For the first time, National Puppy Day was established by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert Collen Paige with the name of America-wide awareness day in the year of 2006. Later on in 2012, it became international Puppy Day 2018. It is now being celebrated in over ten different countries worldwide, including Australia.

This day is celebrated on March 23 each year is a day when all types and breeds and sizes of puppies are known for their loyalty and cuteness. On social media, this day began trending as people started sharing photos and videos of their puppies.

National Puppy Day 2018
National Puppy Day 2018

Happy National Puppy Day 2018:

National Puppy Day will be on March 23, 2018. Its main aim is to honor puppies and to rescue puppies in order to prevent them from homelessness and abuse.

These puppies were the first domesticated animals and most have been used as pet animal in the human history. Puppies are the cutest creatures on the earth no doubt. And yeah they have so many positive impacts on human’s lives and thus the name ‘man’s best friend’ has been given to them in the Western world.

National Puppy Day March 2018:

This is the day for puppies. On March 23rd 2018, the puppy’s celebration would take place. All those who own puppy or puppies desperately wait for this specific day which is given to puppies. They are known for their cuteness around the world. They share their pet’s pictures, videos on social media. Also, go for puppies contest. Some go and adopt puppy for themselves. Others via internet purchase a puppy or puppies for themselves or for the purpose to gift this adorable creature to the beloved ones.

National Puppy Day History Facts:

Puppies are so magical and fantastic creatures. The gist of love without boundaries to us is of course puppies. They are determined to be the best friend we can ever have. As soon as you arrive home after your school or office, they really care about you being home. A little ball of fluff coming towards you at the door is everything you would want after a long tiresome day.

This day was launched in order to spread awareness to the world about the puppy thing, its milling, and ways of adoption. Milling is a horrible step that takes place with the female breed when she is either unable to conceive or die giving birth.

National Puppy Day USA
National Puppy Day USA

National Puppy Day Why:

Why have a day that is being specified only for the puppies? This National Puppy Day March is worth occurring because of the following three reasons:

Puppy lovers are throughout the world. They are in so much affection with their pets because they think that their puppy is the reason for them being active. For the purpose of, mainly showing off the expensive breed of puppy they own, they celebrate National Puppy Day. They do this for fun by sharing their pictures and/or videos on the social media.

Secondly, those who want to adopt one for themselves or as a gift for others they go to the celebrations of this day being carried out by the sellers.

Thirdly and most importantly, for the awareness of strategies associated with these puppies, their breeding, their lifestyles even their way and mode of eating, everything is being told to the world by raising voices on this National Puppy Day.

National Puppy Day when is it:

This day is an honorable day for the puppies. This is of curse their day. It takes place according to the calendar year on March 23. It was first launched in America and is now being celebrated in over 10 different countries worldwide including Australia. People who are the enthusiast of puppies can celebrate it while at their homes or on an outing with the friends who also own their puppies or otherwise. This celebration is becoming a trend nowadays. And this trend is taking over. People literally wait for it. They plan so many things for it and enjoy to the fullest on this day with their puppies.

How to celebrate National Puppy Day:

In order to spend the best day is to spend it in the company of these little furry cute creatures. Ways to celebrate Puppy Day Go and get yourself a loving puppy from the local pound or animal shelter, if you have a desire or love for them. These areas have the puppies which would need your love and they have been abandoned. To spread awareness regarding puppies this day is there for you. By doing this you can help them prevent their breeding for the trade purposes. They can bring love to your home.

National Puppy Day uk
National Puppy Day Activities

National Puppy Day Activities:

March 23 is the perfect day to spoil your pup! We all love our puppies, our four-footed friend. National Puppy Day Classroom activities You can have fun with these friends by doing the following activities:

  • You can buy your puppy a fun, interactive toy.
  • You can take him/her to puppy daycare in order to have some fun exercise.
  • Brushing and massaging your puppy can keep your puppy way happy.
  • You can teach your puppy some tricksand practice for being an obedient one.
  • Throw a puppy party, invite all of your friends with their puppies to it.
  • A scrapbook of photos of your puppy’s first year is the best thing you can do for your puppy.
  • Also, you can book a holiday that is puppy friendly.

National Puppy Day Memes:

Puppies are funny little things. Their love for their masters is unconditional. They can easily put a smile on anyone’s face.

National Puppy Day Memes
National Puppy Day Memes

Memes might capture a few more stupid things that puppies do regularly. They also bear the absolute joy that puppies bring to their masters’ lives. No one can you imagine a world without four-legged puppies running around here and there outside.

You would want to spend at least five minutes taking in these memes. They will make you laugh, they will make you happy and most of the time, they will make you have a lot of fun.

National Puppy Day 23
National Puppy Day 23

National Puppy Day Camp:

Your puppy is all alone at home at the time of its development. All you want is to go for a place to go with your puppy. Puppy Day Camp is right for this!

In such a camp, your puppy can get enough socialization, training, fun and physical movements.


In this activity, your puppy will meet other puppies of same size and age, it will experience new obstacles, new people, and a new environment. This is the critical time from 10 to 16 weeks for all the puppies.


Puppies will get one on a training with group training. In this activity, they are taught different behavioral skills like house training, crate training, loose leash walking, self-control and door manners etc. Training is supplemental.

Fun and Physical Movement:

Teaching your puppies about new surfaces, new equipment, new environments, careful movement, thoughtful navigation of new obstacles, and enjoying the journey all this include in this category.

National Puppy Day Contest:

This day was founded in 2006 in order to celebrate the happiness that puppies bring to their honors. National Puppy Day is a day that is celebrated to save puppies by adopting them and to educate the public about puppy mills.

A large-scale commercial dog breeding facility is initiated where priority is given to the well-being of the dogs. Puppy mills are most over-crowded and lack the necessities like adequate veterinary care, food, and water supply or socialization. An estimate has been made by the ASPCA for the need of as many as 10,000 mills around the US. Noah’s Bark and other treats have committed to making a difference in the lives of animals by providing the best food with no harmful additives. For these very reasons, so many contests are being conducted and are planned nowadays. For the winners, prizes are also kept.
National Puppy Day Ideas:

There are certain ideas you can make use of on the National Puppy Day. Few of them are as under:

  • You can adopt a puppy on this day from the animal shelter or from a pure rescue organization.
  • Have a check of your home and make sure that its safe for your pet to live in.
  • You can also donate puppies related stuff to the organizations.
  • Have a national puppy day party and invite all your friends to it.
  • You can spend the day by taking photos of your puppies.
  • Bring you’re a puppy a new fun toy.
  • For exercise, take your puppy to a puppy play resort.
  • Brush your puppy to remove extra from his fur.
  • Capture some memes of him or her.
  • Share his or her pictures or videos on the internet.
National Puppy Day Jokes
National Puppy Day Jokes

National Puppy Day Jokes:

Jokes are also famous to be sent on the day of 23 March to the puppies’ owners. They enjoy these jokes. These jokes could also be sent as a National Puppy Day greetings message to your closest friend who owns a puppy and about whom you are sure would not mind. There are some jokes that are very common for the National Puppy Day.

National Puppy Day Costumes:

Pets become a part of one’s family. They do need attention. They do need to be loved. For puppies, you can have their costumes and dresses that look adorable on them. Of course, they do not need them but what they make them attractive are these costumes. For this, you have to keep in mind few points like:

National Puppy Day new
National Puppy Day new
National Puppy Day today
National Puppy Day today

Keep your pets safe and make them feel comfortable in the puppy

clothing and costumes that you choose for them.

National Puppy Day Dresses:

Just like you want to look good in the dress that you choose for yourself, your puppy should also have it and looks good in it.

  • If your puppy does not like to dress up, let him or her sit this holiday out.
  • Also, make it sure that it fits. Otherwise, his or her movements or ability to breathe could be restricted that can cause injury or illness.
  • If he or she likes chewing, then avoid losing or dangling pieces causing choking hazards.

National Puppy Day Greeting Messages:

If you know one who is a puppy lover, you can wish his puppy National Puppy Day Greetings. By sending these below beautiful greeting messages to one who has a puppy or is a puppy lover, you can make them happy and make their day wonderful.

Some of the messages for National Puppy Day USA are as under:

  • Puppy is the only creature on this planet that loves you more than him or herself. You are lucky to have such a puppy!
  • It is just your puppy who gets excited and happy when you return home. You feel at peace because of his cuddling, scratching, and love.
  • The most amazing association is the companionship between the puppy and his master. The most loyal and wonderful friend who never leave you is your puppy.
  • You must have a puppy if you want to experience the unconditional love and unmatched loyalty. This creature would shower his love upon you for eternity.

National Puppy Day Greeting Quotes:

The authors agree that if you are in a need of some instant happiness, playing with your puppy is the perfect solution. They bring a lot of joy to the world of those who own them. And those who do not have a puppy with them, need to have one at least. There are some quotes written for those who do not have one. They are happy in their lives, these quotes would change this fact. Some of the famous quotes are given below:

  1. “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” — Gene Hill
  2. “Puppies are nature’s remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life.” — Richard Allan Palm
  3. “Put a puppy in your picture, and it will make it 20 times better.” — Lucky Blue Smith

National Puppy Day Adoption:

A date that celebrates some of the cutest creatures on earth: PUPPIES is 23 March! This date is termed as National Puppy Day. This is a special day to celebrate this magical and unconditional love that puppies bring to the lives of their owners.

But this year let’s not only celebrate, also think of those thousands of puppies who are born homeless without a loving owner. They do not get to feel that warmth and safety as other do. This should be the day to think about them and help at least one puppy get a home. We can also educate the public about horrors of puppy mills.

There are some brave souls aiming to save these lost puppies and also help them to find a forever home. We should encourage everyone for the adoption and if not at least for the donations to the puppy’s organizations.

National Puppy Day ClipArt
National Puppy Day ClipArt

National Puppy Day Today:

Today this day, the National Puppy day has come at the front line. Nowadays, almost in over 10 countries worldwide this day is being celebrated.  It is discovered by author Colleen Paige in 2006 and has been adopted by other groups and organizations since then. Its main idea is to focus attention towards puppies which are in need of adoption, and on the abuses particularly found in puppy mills and also, to make a celebration with these furry little friends.

National Puppy Day ClipArt:

What is a puppy day clip art? It is the collection of so many video clips or images of these puppies to compile one with different frames and patterns. Those who love their puppies are in dire need of reserving all of the memories of their puppies with them. Puppy love is to be expressed by designing a set of memories for them. This can also be shared over the social media in order to have positive comments and appreciation from the crowd around.

National Puppy Day Images:

Those who have puppies and who love them too much would never sit behind thinking whether to take their puppies picture or not. They will rush for the camera and will take images of their puppy or puppies. In no time a gallery full of the puppies’ images would be there in order to make a college or something. This what a puppy lover would go for.

National Puppy Day Pictures:

Yes! A puppy owner could be a photographer. He would not waste a minute thinking whether to grab a camera or not. His aim would be to have a lot of pictures of his pet with him. He would also apply different frames and effects etc to make those pictures even attractive.

National Puppy Day Instagram Pictures:

Pictures which were taken by the owner of a puppy would straight away be shared by him or her on the social media. Instagram is the best place to share such kind of pictures with the public. Owner feels motivated when he or she sees a lot of likes and comments on the puppy’s pictures.

National Puppy Day 2018
National Puppy Day 2018

National Puppy Day Instagram Captions:

Many of the owners search a lot of captions that best suits his or her puppy’s pictures that he or she shares on the Instagram. Especially on the day of 23 March, that is the National Puppy Day, people try to select unique captions for their puppies’ pictures that are to be posted.

National Puppy Day Facebook Pictures:

As compared to Instagram, Facebook is a bit wide platform used to share memories, events or pictures etc. most of the people use this platform to tell the world about this unique creature, they own, PUPPY!

National Puppy Day Whatsapp Pictures:

On Whatsapp, people share pictures personally with a specific person, or in a group or as a status that could be available to all the contacts. This is also one of the biggest platforms being used by people worldwide in order to share memorable puppies’ pictures with one another.

National Puppy Day UK:

This day is celebrated in the UK with great arrangements and fabulous planning. People of UK wait for this day, they prepare their pets for this day and have a lot of fun with them.

National Puppy Day 2018 UK:

In 2018, let’s see what this National Puppy Day brings around. Let’s predict! It seems like it would be more beautifully celebrated than the past years. Fingers crossed!

National Puppy Day Canada:

Canada is one of the countries which is being included in the list of those countries which are in form to celebrate this day, National Puppy Day on 23 March each year. Canadians rock in such celebrations.

National Puppy Day Australia:

Now, also in Australia, this day is taking over. People are desperate to have celebrations on this day with their puppies.

National Puppy Day Orlando:

Orlando, a city of Florida is on the list of those places where people celebrate this National Day of Puppies with full devotion.

National Puppy Day Husky:

Husky is a beautiful breed type of dogs. And it is obvious that puppies of this breed would also be cute and beautiful. People use to celebrate this day specially dedicated to this breed.

National Puppy Day Houston:

Houston is a city in Texas. This is one of the famous places where National Puppy Day’s celebrations take place. People of Houston willingly own puppies and make all types of efforts for them to have a better life.

National Dog Day:

This day is celebrated on the 26th of August in the calendar year. This is the day for all types of dogs’ breed, pure and mixed. It is being celebrated to help people to realize the number of dogs that need to be safe each year. This day honors family dogs and dogs which work to save lives selflessly.

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