Sad Depression quotes

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Sad Depression quotes: Sad Depression quotes  is great things , drool and cuddly worthy.depression Quotes and motivational quotes about being a girl and boy. write a beginning personal message to celebrate this very nice moment in a couple’s lives.

Sad Depression quotes 

Sad Depression quotes

There nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad!

long sad depression quotes

From the outside looking in its hard to got it from the inside looking out its hard to explain!

quotes about life sad depression

I feel so disconnected from the world, and i feel like no one even

notices me or cared about me anymore!

really sad depression quotes

She only sad

she can’t sleep at night , she wishes she could die, she slices her skin daily, she withdrawals herself

from friends, her thoughts could eat her alive she has zero motivation to do anything anymore, all

she can do is hate myself but why know she only sad!

Sad Depression quotes

You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you

so tired the night before and that my love is bravery!

sad depressing anime quotes

Depression stole my education

its stole all of my friends

My motivation

My dreams

My future

My life


sad depressing break up quotes

i am the that talk other out of suicide but has a hard time doing the same for herself, she truthfully

assures everyone how, lovely, beautiful and amazing and precious they all are, because she doesn’t

want them to feel the same way she does the opposite!

Sad Depression quotes

They ask how are you Young ? but what they mean is are you over it yet? my lips say fine

thanks but my eyes tell a different story my heart sings a different tune and my soul only weeps!

sad depressing broken heart quotes

People think depression is sadness, people think depression is crying , people think depression is dressing

in black, but people are wrong depression is the constant feeling of being numb, being numb to emotions,

being numb to lie, you wake up in the morning only to go back to bed again days aren’t really days, they are

just annoying obstacles that need to be faced and how do you face them? through medication through drinking,

through smoking , through drugs, through cutting when you are depressed you grasp onto anything that can get

you through the day that what depression is not sadness or tears its the overwhelming sense of numbness and

the desire fir anything that can help you make it from on day to the next!

sad depressing short quotes

My only relief is to sleep when i am sleeping

i am not sad

i am not angry

i am not lonely

i am nothing !

Latest Depression Quotes

sad depressing short messages

I really want to be happy but there’s something inside me that screams you don’t deserve it!

depressing short messages

When you are depressed you don’t control your thoughts your thoughts control you,

i wish people would got it this!

sad depressing relationship quotes

Sometimes all you need from you are friends when your depressed is someone to hug you and

tell you that you matter but no one ever does!

Sad Depression quotes

I have this problem i isolate myself then become upset because i am lonely!

sad depression quotes

That moment when you burst out crying in your room and you realize

that no one knows how unhappy you are!

sad depression quotes about love

Dear depression

You need to leave me alone already everyday you are screaming at me and telling me how terrible i am

you make me replay every mistake i have ever made and you humiliate me on a daily basis you have made

it impossible to be happy or have any connection with my friends and family, i am so sick of you control

ling me the sooner you leave the better off i will be, don’t come back either i never want you to be apart of

my life again, i hate you and i hate myself for ever letting you in my head!

sad depressing self harm quotes

Are You Okay?

All it takes is beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are !


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