20 Sorry messages and quotes

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Sorry messages and quotes : I am sorry quotes and messages for anyone, girlfriend, boyfriends, Mom, Dad, brother and sister, never be the reason for your girl tears and if you whenever have done something stupid, and then you should be say to sorry her in the sweetest and possible way, sorry is not as awkward as it is made out to be, and write cute miss you messages on a greeting card for her/him. and send some funny texts and share a some quotes about Twitter and Facebook, take few flowers, walk up her and grab her when you ask for forgiveness. regardless of whether you have lied.

Sorry messages and quotes

sorry messages and quotes

By untruthful to you i broke your heart but in doing so i broke mine too i made

the large mistake of my life by revealing a love so true i am sorry!

Sorry text messages for her

I wish you got it how broken i am inside, i wish you know how lonely i feel every

moment my heart broke when i wronged you and your forgiveness can only fix it back!

Sorry messages and quotes for lover

I am sorry my dear

I hurt you many times, for times i lied to you, and fore every other reason you are angry to me,

i know my sorry don’t mean shit to you, but aside from that all i can do is promise to

try to be better in the future if there is a future.

I love you my love!

best sorry messages

When i was fall in love with you, you promised to respect, love and protect me.

but all i see yet with you is pain, betrayal and deep hurt, before it turns to hate i choose to walk away!

sorry messages and quotes

i’m sorry messages and quotes

I am very sorry is what i want to ask you, without you nothing is pleasant, everything is so blue.

i don’t have any excuses to say, because i take the blame on me and i know that you are guilty,

i want to ask for forgiveness from you, without you i really can’t anything , with out you i feel

hassled all the time, i was so proud to call you mine so please forgive me!

New Sorry quotes

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I am really very sorry that i forgot this specific day, it was the day when we first dated and

i want you to know that you are particular to me. please last time forgive me. i am sorry!

Sorry messages for mom dad

I am sorry dear.

i hurt myself bu hurting you, and i hurt you i can’t change the past and what i have done, but all

i can say is that i won’t to the same mistake i have dome no matter what happens i know my one

mistake has changed things, it has broke our relationship kindly come back. don’t give me such a

big punishment i really love you, i ca not live without i will die. the seconds we spend together gave

me life and now that your gone there is no reason for me to live but i will miss you!

Sorry messages and quotes for sister

I am sorry my girl i constantly want to talk to you, i am sorry when you take long to reply,

i get sad i am sorry if i say things that might piss you off, i am sorry if i come of as annoying,

i am sorry if you don’t wanna talk to me as much as i wanna talk to you, i am sorry if i think

about you too much to often, i am sorry if i say things i don’t really mean, i am sorry if i tell

you about my um-pointed drama when you don’t truly care i am sorry if i come off as being

clingy, but its only me missing you!

sorry messages and quotes

Miss you brother quotes and messages

I am sorry!

i am sorry to have you like this

i am sorry to see you like this

you are my responsibility

you are my life

i am sorry, i am sorry!

Sorry and miss you quotes

I made a awful and foolish mistake that i will regret for the rest of my life, i take responsibly

 for my action and did not appeal my suspension, i am sorry to the fans the game, my family

and all those people that i let down, i am truly sorry and deeply regret my terrible lapse in judgment!

New Sorry messages for brother

Girl are not going to talk to you first, it is a girl thing. we don’t like starting the speech because we

like to feel like you want to talk to us, we like to feel like the wait was worth something.we like

feeling like you have waited for us like we have delay for you, but the number 1 reason we

hate talking first is because we hate to look need.

This is why we are scared only pushes guys away and no girl wants that!

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sorry messages and quotes

i am so sorry!

i am feeling ashamed and want to say so sorry to you my love for the rough behavior

and rude actions from my side, i hope so you are understand and forgive me!

im sorry quotes and messages

I will do everything and anything only to take gone all the hurt that you awareness,

please concede me and let me set things consecutive!

i am so sorry!

Latest sorry messages and quotes

i am so sorry to start with, since the time to stopped talking to me i am whole lost you know,

i believe that things are not the same for me and for you ever my intention was not bad, the

timing was fully wrong, you know what i feel for you is strong, i want to talk you in a similar

way as i did before i want to play pranks with you as before, please forgive me now and end

this for all because of this situation, i am truly impression so small, i ask you for mercy and

hope you will do it now, so sorry from my side!

sorry messages and quotes everything

I crave to see the smiling on your face i crave to be in your arms my favorite place,

i know what i did was totally wrong but please forgive me babe, it’s been to long!

sorry messages and quotes for him

One thousand thousand stars up in the sky one radiance brighter i can’t deny a love so cherished

a love so true a love that comes from me to you the spiritual being sing when you are near within

your arms i have nothing to fear. you ever know only what to say only speaking to you makes my

day i love you honey with all of my heart together always and never to part!

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