Top 10 happy birthday activities

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You’ve set the date and sent the most adorable first birthday apart initiations, Top 10 happy birthday activities the decorations match your theme perfectly and the specialty cake has ordered . everything is set for that moment when guests arrive, but how will you entertain them once they get there, it’s big problem, because guest for coming have fun, if we don’t entertain them, then they are not come again of my baby birthday, so that is why we arrange some good activities for them.

Top 10 happy birthday activities

happy birthday activities

  1. A super simple one for outdoor birthday party is to have bubbles and chalk set up for the kids to play with, Happy birthday!         Latest Happy birthday wishes
  2. Create a dress up play area with old Halloween costumes, or clothes found from the thrift store.get them a couple size bigger than your biggest kids so they can slip them on right over their clothes and do it on their own.                                                                                                       Happy birthday Messages for my wife
  3. First Birthday Parade. If your baby is walking, she can join a parade, if he isn’t, mom or daddy surely carry him!give out play instruments and musical toys, and lead guests around the room in marching band style. if your party has a theme so can your parade, you can even incorporate a pull wagon and ride in toys.

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  5. Go to the Mosque and thank God the blessings in your life and the opportunity to be on the planet another year.
  6.                        Go somewhere as a family, a museum or amusement park.                                                                                                                                     Top 10 happy birthday activities
  7. happy birthday activities
  8. Cardboard BoxesIt’s joke many parents make, it doesn’t matter what toy pack inside, chances are the kids are going to play with the box instead. set out a few cardboard boxes and let kids have their own fun crawling in and out. if you like you can even supply some stickers and crayons that kids can use to decorate the boxes..

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  9. Cardboard boxes are a great invitation to play and can be made into anything for a pretend play station. Coffee cups and crayons made some into pirate ships!
  10. Go our to a super yummy dinner and go home to have a cake and ice cream with friends and family!Happy birthday to my love
  11. Baby photo guessing gamePrior to the date of the party, guests to send photos of themselves as babies. on the day the party, hang the, around the room. hang a piece of paper below each photo and ask guests to write their name .award a prize to the person who is guess most correct.
  12. Write a note of appreciation to the people who remembered you on your birthday! 

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