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Looking for the awesome WhatsApp status to make someone smile, feeling love and express your feelings with someone beloved. and now you can find only good WhatsApp quotes messages and status that will be the nice way for you to express the feelings with others, it is understandable how it can be difficult to find good and right quotes for you WhatsApp status, and now you find from here to in easier way WhatsApp status on different themes have been complied here, so now let’s read and download WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Status

whatsapp status

WhatsApp Status

During the day i don’t believe in ghost. at night i

am a little more open-minded!

Top 100 best WhatsApp Status

There’s no going back from what happened you can go back and

understand the past, but you can’t go back and change it!

Friendship status for WhatsApp

  • Your act is like an angel but you are foolish like a devil!
  • i don’t have an attitude problem i have a personality you can’t handle!
  • A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear!
  • Life is short!
  • Sp, start each day with positive thinking and keep smiling all day!

whatsapp status

Best line said by a guy to a girl.

The day i will go on knees for another girl, is the day i will

tie a shoe lace for our daughter!

Funny WhatsApp Status

I am waiting and jumping and wishing for the time when we can be jointly again, i miss you so much!

Short Status for WhatsApp

The more you love and care for someone the more you you will be taken for granted!

Attitude status for Whatsapp

Common sense is like deodorant the people who need it most never use it!

Whatsapp status for love

  • Life is 20% what happens to me and 80% of how i react to it!
  • Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning!
  • Being single doesn’t mean no on wants you, it means God is still busy writing your love story!

Birthday messages fir teachers

whatsapp status


We all have that friend who says i will be there around 7 and then shows up around 9!

Sad status for whatsapp

I am a girl

I don’t fume, drink or party every week end, i don’t slumber around or

start a drama to get attending yes, we do still exist!

WhatsApp Status Ideas 

  • Unluckily, we all have that one person we did take back any 2nd no matter how much they hurt us in the past!
  • If we make it a point to put someone we love in she shoes of people we hate we will be more generous of forgiveness!

whatsapp status

Think to all the beauty still left around you and be happy!

Cool whatsapp status 

I don’t really think anyone should just settle when it comes to falling in

love, you don’t get very many changes at it, so shouldn’t it be amazing!

whatsapp status

I am not rude,

i am honest,

I just speak what’s on my mind, even if most can’t handle the truth!

Awesome whatsapp status 

  • I love it when i catch you looking at me and then you smile and look away!
  • A meaningful silence is always better than a meaningless words!
  • Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character!

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