Wish Happy Birthday Quotes and messages


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Wish Happy Birthday Quotes

Wish happy birthday

a message to wish happy birthday

I hope i am the first person to wish, happy birthday to you  a  day of joy, peace and

wonder the stuff of dreams that come true, for you deserve the very best,
a gift as rare and precious as gold like an all inclusive trip to never-land where you will never get old.

Wish happy birthday

Nice way to wish happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Do you know how much you meant to me?

as you grow into what you will be you came from within from just beneath my heart.

it’s there you will always be though your own life will now start you are growing

so fast it sends me a while. with misty eyes i ask, where’s my little girl? i know sometimes

to you i seem harsh and so unfair but one day you will see, i taught you well because

i care the next few years will so rapidly fly, with laugh and joy, motley with a few tears

to cry as you begin your growing to womanhood, this face you must know. you will

always be my beginning of pride no matter where you of, for all you dreams and

goals sit before you very near. with God love in your heart and the world by its tail,

you will always be my winner, and victory will prevail for you this poem was written

with help from above to tell you in a rhythm of your mother’s heartfelt love!

Wish happy birthday

Text to wish happy birthday

Happy birthday to a princess who we love to the moon and back she is the fairy in

our lives giving us everything that we lack her smile is like a charming wand her clasp

is like a secret drink our lives have become heavenly all the magic she has spun happy birthday!

Wish happy birthday

unique way to wish happy birthday

Happy birthday to the best husband in the world wide world and i would never trade you,

for any would amount of silver or Gold, still my heart does the flip-flops whenever

i look at you, and i will love you for an eternity just like you love me too

may this day shower you with abundant happiness!

Wish happy birthday

advance wish happy birthday

When I wish you happy birthday there so much more i want to say it;s hard for me to

utter the words but nothing will stop me today, when i wish you happy birthday

what i means is i love you are more than the worlds to me i am so thankful for all you do,

when i wish you happy birthday it because you make me proud now that i have put

down these words i just want scream them out loud!

Best lines to wish happy birthday

Have i told you get, how much you mean to me have i told you get about all the happiness

you bring have i told you get, that you mean the world to me. just in case i haven’t i

want you to know that you are the best thing that is ever happened to me!

I Love You!

Wish happy birthday

Advance wish happy birthday sms

You are so bright, so special you are brighter than the sunshine and calmer

than the moon you brighten up out mornings and also our afternoons you are

so special to us, words will never be enough to say you make us so a berry

 happy birthday to a person so very dear may you always go around

and spread your happy cheer happy birthday MoM!

Best way to wish happy birthday

A cousin just life

i just want to let you know you mean the world to me only a heart as dear as your would give so unselfishly

The many things you have done all the times that you were there how much you really care,

even though i might not say i appreciate all you do ridgy blessed is how i feel having a cousin just like you!

Wish happy birthday

another way to wish happy birthday

Today is your birthday, the day when you came on this earth, the day that i bless because on that day,

we became destined to meet each other, you are the friend who always takes care of others even

when you are in deep trouble, you make us fell special and importance. the very capability

of yours be become compassionate with others makes you special i am proud to call you

my friend and will always be may all your dreams come true. may you get everything that you deserve.

i wish you a very happy birthday my dearest friend!

Automatically wish happy birthday on facebook

Happy birthday with you i have been so happy, you never give me a chance to complain

with your cray wicked sense of humor you drive me insane, you are not only my

boyfriend but my amusement package without you my entertainment bundle

without you my life is so arid i need you take away all cerebral baggage i love you so much!


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