Birthday Wishes Mama | Happy Birthday Mama

Happy Birthday Mama

You are not just a mama to me;
you are a friend,
parent, and teacher.
I am grateful to you.
Have a fantastic birthday..

May your
charming smile and ruggedly
handsome looks stay for long!
Happy birthday, mama..

Mama Ji,
may this year
bring you tons of happiness,
good health, and success.
Have a blessed birthday..

Happy Birthday
Dearest mama
you are the second name
for mischief..!

Dearest Mama,
you bring color, joy,
and excitement into my life.
Have a fantastic birthday..!

Dear Mamu,
you have always had my back,
helped me get out of trouble,
and guided me.
There is no one quite like you.
Happy birthday..!

From partying in your young days
to lecturing me about life,
you have grown into a wonderful human being.
Happy birthday to a great Mama..

Happy birthday
my dear Mama Ji,
may the bright colors
paint your life
and you be happy forever
Stay blessed..

Happy birthday
to my very best Mama Ji,
the person who laughs at my silly jokes
and stands even when I do
dumb and stupid things..!

Your teaching is the guiding torch
in the journey of my life.
You are my idol,
you are my inspiration.
Happy Birthday
to the most wonderful Mamaji
in our family..!

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday
and it’s all your guidance for which
I have become the person now.
Happy birthday to my favorite Mama Ji..!

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